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I walked down the corridor. Damn I'd be lucky if I managed to convince Alex to do this, but I reminded my self, I was between assignments and didn't have a ship. Senna had a ship but the old clunker needed more than anything to be shot, much like a car I'd had in my teen years before I discovered the wonders of motorcycles and starships. Alex had the perfect ship, the Maidens Cradle was a Golden Sun class freighter it had cost him a pretty penny, more specifically it had cost Kage/Pryde enterprises a pretty penny. When we were both in our teens Alex and I had come up with the idea of running a two-person trading company to make a little extra cash while I was at the academy and he was finishing his last year of high school and doing university. Back then we had two small ships The Pretty Penny had been Alex's and Voyager's Light had been mine. When I was assigned to the Star Sword VIII we had sold both ships and bought the Maidens Cradle.

She was an incredible ship, sleek silver-blue with long tapering backswept hyperspace pylons and light speed drive ("warp") nacelles that rather than bulging out like the eyes of an oversized frog from Hylieea III blended elegantly with the rest of the hull like beautiful aquamarine stones set in the slave collars that the marginally unpleasant Elkarans kept on the necks of there pets. Not only all that she was fast faster than anything the Terra-Novan government could come up with. On the other hand Alex was very protective of said ship and I had my doubts he would willingly fly it into Terra-Novan space without reason. Ha, I thought I have plenty of reason after all he was the one who gave me said map. Not just that Alex was a Kage, and all of the Kage clan were strikingly disgustingly loyal to Clan Pryde. Of course I Pryde Raven could convince Kage Alexander to fly me to a small unnamed planet in the Lotaheed sector.

I spotted a snatch of glossy black hair in the corridor up ahead of me and ran to catch up.

"Hey Alex," I said brightly.

"Ohayoh Gosaimas Pryde Raven." He said distantly.

"That was formal, what's up pup?"

"Yea. I know. Just thinking that's all."

"About what?"

"Your map," I raised a delicately lazared eyebrow in question.

"My map?"

"My cousin informed my that you unlocked the map with your pendant."

"Yea…so you're the one who found the map." I looked up at him. All of the Kages were quite tall especially the men.

"I know but I think I only found it because it's yours." He glanced down at me rich emerald eyes glittering in the crap-like stations light…the same kind of lights that they used to keep students from dozing off in particularly boring high school trigonometry classes.

"You're sure?"


"Hey Alex?"


"You wanna find out what the map leads too?" I asked


"Than lets go find Senna and get your ship." For a moment I thought he was going to protest but instead he nodded.

"Sounds like a plan."

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