"Be My Hero Now"

Lost in a tide of feelings,
Feelings which I should feel
But don't remember now.

Can't find the end of this spiral,
Can't find the beginning of it all,
Can't see you anymore.

Nothing of substance left
Drifting in a land of misery
And it's not all right anymore.

Haven't found my family, my safety,
Haven't found my land of bliss,
Haven't anything to lose.

Be my hero now, I need you,
Give me your hand now
And show me the path home.

Help me find my family
Help me find the end of this spiral
Help me to remember.

Will you be my family now?
Will you end this spiral now?
Will you give me something to lose?

Let me create a safety net
Give me a place to fall back to
Or leave me drifting here

Alone without my family
Looking with blind eyes in the dark
For the path home.