No matter how much they try
Try to keep us apart it won't work.
Our love is too strong for them to break.
We can and will survive through anything.
We have been through hell before
And I know we can do it again.

"I love u more than the sun can shine
I will tell u the rest some other time.
For if I told u now and the sun went down,
It would feel like I failed.
I don't wish to fail.
I want u for all of time.
It would make me the happiest man around.
Even if the sun refused to shine,
I would still love you for all of time."

Aren't these the word of a man,
A man that I love until I die
Once told me?
And in my heart I know these words are still true.
Now I need u to believe that too.

If I lose u I wont know what I would do?
It's hard right now but in the end...
In the end it will be easier.
We will have the rest of our lives to show
Show the love that we share to each other.

Now I just need u to believe that too.