A/N: I was just staring off into space during Spanish class, thinking random thoughts, and then I started thinking about myself, trying to decide whether I'm stronger or not as strong as I seem. I guess that's where this poem comes in. As a poem, I don't think it's very good, but, jeez, it's sad. (Written January 11, 2001.)


I'm not as strong as you think.

I may tell you I'm fine,

Even act like I'm fine,

But I really need some help.

I need someone who's always there for me,

And will always understand,

But sometimes, there's no one like that around,

And I won't settle for someone who'll just do.

When I hide, I'm afraid,

Because I have no one to trust.

There's no one around

That I feel will understand.

So, please, make an effort to understand,

And I'll appreciate you forever,

And whatever you do, don't leave me,

Just stay here, because you'll always understand.