A/N: Hmm. I don't recall anything about writing this poem. I guess I was just wishing for something like the beacon of hope in this poem. Study hall. Go figure. (Written January 12, 2001.)

Beacon of Hope

In the darkness

I see a light

Shining forth like

A beacon of hope

My mind wonders

Should I reach out

Should I turn away

From the beacon of hope

Is the hope true

Or is it merely false

Leading me astray

A false beacon of hope

Should I stay here

Encrusted by darkness

That swallows me alive

Away from the beacon of hope

If I go towards it

Will the light be too bright

Will it sting my eyes

That beacon of hope

If I go blind

Will I still find it

Among the darkness

That beacon of hope

It will lead me away

Out of this despair

If only I reach out

To the beacon of hope