When I looked I saw them,
But I understood them not,
They act so strange and alien,
They must be from another world.
I walked along and saw them burning,
I picked up a hose and sprayed them,
They shook their heads and shrieked,
Clinging to the stake and rope that bound them
And they screamed as the flames licked at their toes.
They came from another world,
And I understand them not.
'Cut,' they said.
And then they cut.
'Cut. Do you see, do you see?' they said.
I saw, but I understood them not.
And so I looked away.
I ran and watched,
As they ran in circles, with their eyes closed.
They ran onto roads, they ran into traffic.
They were ploughed down before my eyes.
My eyes saw, they captured, and they contained.
They were running from another world.
Let me take your hand, and take me to the other world.
Show me, and maybe I'll understand.