Blue Grandpa
-Dedicated to Mah Best Friend-

..::Yisa Comments::...

Before reading the poem, I just like to say thank you all for taking the time to read this very important poem that I dedicated to my best friend! Really, all of you who don't know me but take the time to read mah stories and mah poems and everything else... well I'm happy and I thank every one of you from the bottom of my heart! You guys are my inspiration for writing and I hope you guys continue to review and let me know is good and what is not good so I can become a better writer! (Tears... excuse me while I go bawl my eyes out...)

Well, that went well...okay, not for the good stuff... I don't know if you guys will get most of my verses in the poem since most of them are inside jokes that only the four of us (mah sis-in-law, mah best friend and her um... I dunno...her ex-bf, and me) would get... seriously, it's funny, but most of it is inside joke, so I hope even if you guys don't get it that you guys enjoyed it cause I kind of set a pace to it, so go along with it...

...and lemme know wat u think! And yes, I know this poem is dedicated to mah best friend, but it's about a blue grandpa (or if you are smart, her ex) but hey! It's true, they do irritate me sometimes... but what the heck, it's love, ya'mean?

"When my tru hommies call me, I'll be there, I'll be around."
-Lyrics from a song...fergot which one tho...if I find it 'gain, I'll post it up ^_^

Onto the poem:


They irritate me
those two.
Going back and forth.
Ugh! They irritate me,
those two damn fools!

One says: "I love you, Grandma!"
the other one: "Heh, heh, heh, Grandpa…"
while I,
I say: "Blah, blah, blah."
while rolling my eyes
and giving a snort.
Those two irritate me.

There's only one
as stubborn as them.
A Green Grandma,
a Blue Grandpa.

They're not old
despite their names—
though one wears glasses—
and the other ones
in love.

They irritate me,
those two damn fools.
One says: "Gimme a kiss."
The other: "Where's my stick?"
While I,
I sigh, "What a romantic couple…?"
While hiding a snort.
Those two irritate me.

They're like an itch
that I just can't scratch,
and like the mother bird
that keeps on chirping:
"You dare me,
You dare me,
You dare me?!"
while laughing so hard,
she pooped on the ground
angering Grandpa.

Of course
not because of the bird droppings
you see.
But because Grandpa is Blue,
blue Grandpa.