Paint It Black

Kell Hound

Chapter 11: Fade Away and Not Have to Face the Facts

Suryu walked back into her overly elaborate home with a confident grin on her face. She unlocked the door to her office. As she opened the door her smiled faded but none of her confidence went with it. There sitting on her desk sat Seth playing with his knife. She raised eyebrow and gave him a stern look. He smirked, "You should really get better locks."

"I'll keep that in mind," she stated, "But I doubt you came here to inform me about faulty security devices."

"And you would be correct in that assumption. I stopped by my werewolf's home and he explained to me how you almost killed my blood bond. Now if I remember correctly that is against the laws our kind has and you are in a great deal of trouble." Every word he spoke was very casual and cool . He gave her a playful smug smirk as he continued to play with his knife.

Suryu gave him a pleasant smile and fixed her hair. She thought about how it seemed everything was going her way tonight. She moved closer to Seth and put her hand on his knife while leaning forward. She slowing lowered his hand and the knife with it while running her hand along his thigh. She bat her lashes and stated, "Actually, you are the one in a great deal of trouble. Because you I just locked him up and let his friend save him. I didn't harm a single hair one your blood bond's head. You know the blood bond named PRINCE DANIEL GUNN former heir to Terra's throne." Seth's eyes widened for a second before he regained his cool. Suryu smiled and ran her hand up his shirt. "As I recall turning or bonding someone in the public eye is a against our kind's laws and you're already on such thin ice with the council. It would be a shame if they found out about the former prince you have claimed as yours."

Seth raised an eyebrow. "And how could I prevent them from finding out?" Suryu playfully moved her down Seth's pants. He laughed, "It would seem that every vampire I run into either wants to kill me or take me to bed."

"Oh that's not true.," Suryu said in a serious tone, "Some want to do both."

Seth got up and fixed his pant. "Maybe later. Goodnight, Suryu." He walked out coolly

Meanwhile, Rett found his way back to the motel room where Patrice was staying. After checking to see if the other vampire was there, he slammed his fist through the window. He picked the glass out of his hand as he stepped through the frame of the window. It didn't take long for him to find a pile of spell books. He flipped through them until he found the spell he was looking for. The spell didn't seem too complicated. All he need was a knife, a few candles, something that belonged to Lila, and some salt. The vampire quietly set everything up and muttered the incantation. Finally, he gashed open his palm and let his blood drip onto Lila's ring that had been around his neck. Instantly a surge of energy ran through his power. He fell to the ground in pain as the fire from the lit candle rocket up high enough to scorch the ceiling. It felt like that very fire was rushing through his veins and eating away at him from the inside. He let out a cry in pain just before passing out.

Patrice retrieved a small container filled with pig's blood he had just bought at the butcher shop from the bottom of a small paper bag. He opened it with one hand and drank some as he walked to his motel room. He furrowed his brow as he got closer and saw the broken window. The vampire grumbled a few curses as he put down his container of blood and the paper bag. The smell of smoke and fire filled his nostrils when he went to unlock the door. The curly hair man rushed in finding the room on fire. With a few small words Patrice created a blast of water and drowned what threatened to consume his only place to stay. In the middle of the floor he saw Rett and scowled. He kicked the weaker vampire and grabbed him by his shirt. "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?" he hissed.

Rett opened his eyes and gave him a disoriented look. He whispered, "I just wanted to see heah again." only to pass out again immediately after. The blonde vampire looked at him confused then looked to the ground. There lying in a small puddle of blood was a small ring. Pat dropped Rett and picked it up. He looked back at the unconscious vampire as his expression softened.

Rett woke up with a warm liquid going down his throat. It had a bittersweet taste. There was a throbbing in his head and pain in his muscles that seemed to slowly be disappearing as he drank more. What ever it was he was drink his body was screaming at him to have more. He dug his mouth into something and even more of the warm liquid rushed down his throat as he realized he as biting something. He tried to think but everything was too confusing. Everything but one thought: this hunger he was feeling. The liquid began to slow down just as his head started to clear. His eyes widened as he remember what happened the night before. He pulled himself away knowing he had to check to make sure Lila was okay. Suryu must have done something to her. He had to make sure she was okay. He used all his will power to pulled away and a sudden realization stabbed him in the heart. Dropped the body of the person he was feeding off of and stared in horror as he saw it was his wife. He sunk to the ground unable to take his eyes off her now lifeless body. He opened his mouth to speech but couldn't him his voice. Tears streamed down his face. The door creaked open and in walked Suryu. She looked at Lila and then at Rett. She gave him a pleasant smile. "Oh good you're awake."

He glared at her and growled, "You….you did this."

He climbed to his feet and rushed at her. With a simple gesture of her hand Suryu slammed against the wall. Then she pinned him to the ground with one foot. "Is something wrong, pet?"

Rett looked up at her filled with rage and hissed, "You said if I began a vampiah you wouldn't hurt Lila! You bitch!"

She slammed her foot into his chin and broke his jaw. He felt it instantly heal. She stated in a stern tone, "That is no way to speak to a lady. And I didn't kill her. I just put her in here with you." Suryu got off him and stated, "The only one who harmed her and caused her death was you."

Rett watched her walk and yelled, "You're lying!"

The Asian woman looked at him, "If I had killed her blood would have been cold. If it was warm that means she was alive when you started to drink." She walked out and closed the door just after shouting "Be ready to leave this dump in an hour."

Rett sat up and looked at Lila's corpse. He ran brush the strands of her hair out of her face as his tears dripped on to her.

Rett awakened finding himself drinking blood. He quickly sat up hitting the blood aware from himself, unsure if this was still the painful memories of the past. He coughed and wiped the split blood off his face. He looked over and saw Patrice sitting next to him. The blonde vampire stated "When was the last time you fed?"

Rett thought for a moment rubbing his head, "I don't know. Why?"

"You passed out from lack of blood. I've been feeding you for the past few hours now."

The younger vampire looked at the container he hit onto the floor. "It tastes funny and it's cold."

"That's because it's pig's blood . I bought it at a near by butcher shop." he responded.

Rett sighed and ran his fingers through his hair. "My head is killing me. What the hell happened while I was doing that spell?"

Patrice sat back in his chair and explained, "A resurrection spell usually kills its caster and uses their life to bring the other person back. However, the person has to be alive. So our kinda tryign to cast the spell just causes a violent reaction such as the one you experienced. I came in saw the fire went out of control, put them out, saved you, you passed out from lack of blood, I fed you and saved you again.."

Rett looked up at the ceiling and grumbled, "Why would you want to save a woahthless piece of shit like me?"

The other vampire pulled Lila's ring out of his pocket and handed it to Rett. "Who was she?"

He looked down at the ring. "My wife. She died when Suahyu tuahned me."

Patrice nodded, "I thought so. You see we actually have something in common. Suryu is my sire as well and before I was a vampire I had a wife."

Rett reattached the ring to the chain around his neck. "And she had you kill her?"

"No actually I figured out a way to spare my wife. I was a mage so I could very easily find out anything I wanted about a vampire I was faced against. When Suryu showed up and told me she thought I was interesting I did my homework. I knew she would try to hurt my wife so I bought her a ticket out of the country so she could live long enough to have our child she was carrying. We put on a pretend fight because I knew Suryu was watching. I went to her and pretend to love her so I could save my wife. It worked, but it took over 20 years to find my wife again. So I understand…"

"You don't undahstand jack shit." Rett growled, "You got to see your wife again and you didn't kill her."

"No but while I was being her lap dog I had to kill countless people I care about to keep it so my family could live. And when I when I finally found them again I had missed out on my son's entire life and he saw me as nothing more then a monster," the older vampire explained.

"Well ya know what I don't cahe. Because I still got to put up with heah until she teaches me something about my powahs." Rett got up and started to walk out.

Patrice shouted back, "She's not going to show you and you know that." Rett stopped and glared back at the blonde man. Patrice continued, "But as long as you don't feed off humans most demon hunters and mages will leave you alone so you won't need them. So just do what Suryu tells you. She'll get bored of you faster that way and then we won't have to deal with her at least." The dark haired man stood there then slammed the door on the way out. Patrice rolled his eyes and shouted "Your welcome!"