Sheanna was falling. Blackness surrounded her, and she could not tell if her eyes were open, or closed. All she felt was the sensation of falling. Her light blue dress flapped softly as she moved down a pitch-black expanse of space. Blood flecked away from her back as she headed down. Some droplets caught in her thigh-length golden tresses. She really was falling that fast. She was just slowly moving down headfirst. Or she could have been going up? Hell, she could be going sideways for all she knew. She tried to grasp the concept, which brought her here into this hole.

Sheanna picked up her tea and stood up, heading for the sink. She deposited the items in it and left the kitchen. Her beautiful white wings lay folded on her back, and her long gold hair swaged with every movement. She went out the swinging door into her den, passing by the door to her table. She picked up her book, planning on reading it, but a loud crashing noise snapped her attention to her front door. A big, brown lower demon had smashed his way in, though how he even got into this town of earthling angels was a mystery to her. Her eye widened and her heart seemingly froze in obvious horror. Time stopped for a moment, while the angel viewed the approaching demon.

It was tall, at least 7 ft. with mud brown skin stretched tightly over grotesquely bulging muscles and a large gut. A swath of still hairy cow skin hung at its waist, thankfully covering the area, which proved it was male. Large fangs protruded from his oddly snapped mouth, and a line of drool drizzled out of it. Small, beady, unintelligent black eyes looked upon her with sickening joy. Two grizzly, twisted black horns curved and bent around the thing's head. A wave of the creatures' powerful stench hit her head on, giving her a headache, but she dared not move an inch. It took one step forward, and she took one back.

It brought its hand, which held a large club-blood dried on it-back ready to swing. It swung with all its might at her, but the weapon caught on her table, sending it flying at her. This was what broke the spell of terror and let her run for life.

The demon howled with the joy of anticipated carnage and raced after her. Her heart seemed like it wanted to catch up with lost time by tripling its normal pace. She turned the corner just in time for the bloody mace to smash into the wall. She knew she had to make it to her room, where her gun was, to survive the rampaging troll like demon. She stumbled up the stairs, her breath coming in quick gasps. She heard the demon yank its weapon free, a crunch of wood breaking that cut though the terror filling the home. She made it to the top step and her heart gave a leap of hope, but she was suddenly yanked back down to the ground. She peered over her shoulder and saw the thing grin maliciously as he dragged his arm back to him, his hand clamped firmly on her ankle. She dug her nails into the wood floor, but it did her no good as she dug little groves in it. She screamed again and kicked out viciously, landing a foot right between its eyes, surprising the fiend. It let go of her foot to clutch at its now broken, and bleeding nose. Blackish green blood gushed out, spattering on the floor before it began to eat away at the material like a strong acid. It howled in agony as she scrambled back to her feet.

Without looking back, she tore around the railing and into her room, to her dresser, which held her gun. But red flickering light brought her attention to the window stationed behind her cupboard. Her eyes widened in shock as she gaped at what she saw lay before her.

Demons ran free, chasing after angles. Torn wings lay scattered all over. Houses were alight with flame and people screamed from fear. Blood was splashed everywhere while the bodies of her neighbors and friends were being bickered over. Her heart beat at a steady hum as she backed away from the horrid scene. She kept on backing up until the troll that had infested her home burst through the door. She glanced at it, before making up her mind. She ran back to the window, to jump through it, her wings would carry her just far enough to get to freedom. She almost made it, but the demon grabbed her wings with a sneer, jerking her back into its chest. A huge clawed hand swiftly grasped her delicate throat. Her eyes widened to their breaking point now, as its stench filled her nostrils. Her hands grabbed at its one to futility try and shatter its grip. Her blue eyes rolled, her mouth began to froth, her wings were crushed painfully between her and the troll and her nostrils snorted in small amounts of breath.

The demon laughed and grasped her wing before easily ripping it off. A scream of terror and pain erupted from her mouth, and it laughed even more as it ripped off her other white wing. Her red blood gushed from the wounds and down her back.

The demon then focused on killing her. Its grip tightened around her neck until breathing was impossible. Her eyes clenched shut and her mouth opened and closed like a land-bound fish gaping for water. She used her finely manicured nails to rake along its limb, tearing and shredding its skin as much as possible. But its skin was like stone, and her attack was about affective to it as a thimble full of water on a raging inferno.

All too soon, darkness crept into her sight, and she struggled even more. She lashed out with her legs to its shin, and she heard it grunt in pain, but it didn't let go. Then, her attempts got weaker until she could barely grasp its arm. Her lungs burned for air, her red blood staining the chest of the monster, her legs stilling. As a tear fell from her eye, she let go and fell into death's awaiting grip.

Another tear fell as she finally realized she was dead. That ogre was probably eating her body, and she couldn't even tell where her soul was going. Suddenly, she felt herself being led down into someone's strong, warm arms. Apparently, she had been falling very slowly, and now she was landing. She was lowered to the ground, her head propped up. She opened her eyes to stare at a man's face. Purple hair and eyes stared back at her, making a shiver go through her spine. She couldn't tell if this person was Angel, or a demon. She didn't know if her hell was over, or if it had just begun.