Colonel Gunderwig, rode his camel to the top of the glacier to meet his estranged ex-wife Barry the Bloke. "I have waited 12 years on this glacier Stormshit," (Which was Gunderwig's first name, given to him by his cyborg personal claims attorney who used to be the King of England) "I care not for your whining tone Barry, curb your insolence lest I strike ye Down!"

Barry realizing the great extent of the Colonel's temper, and that he had left the core temperature of his nuclear reactor unattended, jumped down on all fours as would a dog. Then with his 8 inch steel incisors sheared through the left ankle of the camel. Blood poured out as Barry viciously twisted her head tearing the ankle clean off. "Fucken hell!" Screamed the camel. Gunderwig acting in unison with the migration of red beared AXES. Leapt from the camel and seizing a piece of wood propped up the camels recently severed appendage. He then drew a rapier from his belt and killed barry.

Barry turned out to be the head mistress of the town of lonningtoff's arch high priest of angeroop. The religion of angeroop incidentally had no followers aside from barry and so came to an abrupt end at that exact moment.

The Colonel looked down at his camel's missing hoofy foot and noticed with some mirth that satan himself had somehow managed to increase the speed of light from 3 x 108 ms to 3.00000000000000000000000000000000000001 x 108 ms this however in reality effected no change at all and the colonel was somewhat perplexed as to why satan had even bothered. This query was washed from his mind in an instant however as a halfling cleric ran up the hill and viciously plunged a sharpened shotgun four and a half chains up his rectum. "Consarnit" screamed the now helplessly painful Stormshit. The Halfling then explained to him that the only reason he could think of for allowing a sharpened chainsaw to penetrate the colonel's rectum was his extreme dislike for scented toilet paper. The colonel contracted cancer from a clean bucket and died. The Halfling also died from the venom of a hairy arse and the camel was shot from a 9mm semi-automatic revolver after being reincarnated as a 70 gram piece of iron ore which was then processed in a blast furnace, before being sent to a munitions factory and produced as a 9mm bullet. The bullet failed to hit anything and lay rusting where it landed for the next 120 billion years. Don't press the spacebar of your keyboard within one week of reading this or a fat man will shit on your head with religious implications. THIS STORY KICKS ARSE REVIEW IT AND GIVE IT 10 OUT OF 10! or a fat man will shit on your head with religious implications.