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à Chevere

In my mind the world is a play. Rehearsing is my life: Playing dumb, playing smart, playing good, playing bad. Trying to make the word look at me, making them believe I'm tough and brave when I'm not.

Can you see me through the mist?

Can you see my fears?

Can you see I'm afraid of loosing you? I am. I am afraid of giving you all I'm giving.

What have you done to me?

In my life I've learnt not to trust and it's my first time in years trusting someone like this.

Please, don't break me.

Please don't leave me.


Why do I have to feel like this?

Why do you stay beside me, satisfying all my thirst like a glass of water?

Why do you seem soft like a pillow and rough like a stone? Can I carve my place in you?

Why do I think I know your feelings as if they were mine?

What are you doing to me?

Deep inside, I feel like I'm fooling myself. I feel helpless before you.

Can I really be this stupid?

A man like you could be with someone better who could give you more than what I can offer… but I can't let you go.

A man like you could be telling me lies, so why do I trust you?

What have you done to me?

I seem to love every time you break the rules for me, every time you call me on the phone, every time you write me letters and every time you surprise me. No one has ever loved me the way you do. No one has been able to take away the whole truth from my mouth. Ironic, isn't it?

My mind seems to drift to you all the time.

What have you done to me?

Why am I at your mercy?