Chapter I: So It Starts

"Celeste what the hell did you do to yourself?"-Aaron Gates

"This is the place I'm meant to be?" a voice asked incredulously.

Her guardian nodded, "Yes Celeste."

"Are you sure?" the little girl asked again with a pout.

Her older companion turned her eyes from the dark city towards the child and nodded.

The younger girl sighed, "I don't want to be here. I want to go home."

"Soon Celeste. On the day that marks your seventeenth year, we will see if you can come back home."

"What do you mean? That's in ten more years!" the girl exclaimed.

Her guardian bent down and touched her forehead gently with a slender finger. "I know, which is why you must forgive me for doing this."

The little girl's brown eyes opened wide then slowly started to fall into slumber. "But I want to go home," she repeated as she drifted off into a dreamless sleep.

"Forgive me Celeste," her Guardian whispered.

"Hey Celeste! Celeste it's time to wake up, honey!"

She groaned from underneath her warm covers and with sleepy eyes, looked at her alarm clock. She was about to fall right back to sleep when she saw what time it was. Seven forty-five. She was going to be late.

"Oh crap no," was all she said before jumping out of bed, into the shower, out of the shower and into her uniform, downstairs and out the door.

Her mother poked her head from the kitchen once she heard the door slam close. She shook her head with disapproval. "She's late again."

"How can I be late again?" Celeste whimpered to herself as she ran down the street. Thank goodness her school was nearby and if she used her carefully formulated shortcut, she would get there before the bell and with time to spare.

She grinned to herself and turned sharply at the old corner house. It had been abandoned for many years after the owner died suddenly, no one in the neighborhood went anywhere near it which was a good thing because this was the key to her getting to school on time.

She ran through the overgrown front garden, skipping over shrubs while ducking from tree branches hanging low in her way. She then climbed the broken fence that lead to the untamed backyard and sprinted across the rather large area towards a hole in the fence she had managed to make a few years ago while exploring the house with her friends.

On the other side of the hole was the street of her high school. She had pushed her bag through and was about to crawl in after it when a hand on her left shoulder stopped her.

The touch felt like electricity. It made her skin crawl. The ends of her hair were standing up. She turned her head afraid to see the ghost of the owner standing there.

Oh shit! Her mind panicked. This is it. The old man finally got tired of me running around his place. I'm dead- I am SO dead. God if you can hear me, I'm sorry, please don't let it be the ghost of the old man. I promise never, EVER to go…

Celeste stared.

All thoughts running through her mind ceased.

The beating of her heart slowed.

Her skin felt hot from where she had been touched.

All of which were unnoticed-she simply stared, as did he.

While Celeste's was of bewilderment and shock, his was cold indifference.

Time seemed to stand still, the slow falling of a leaf the only movement between them.

Brown depths met that of green ones.

The silence stretching.

"You shouldn't be here." His deep voice pierced through whatever spell was cast upon them.

Celeste's eyes finally awoke from his hypnotic gaze and stood from her crouched position near the hole. Even in her full height, his body still towered over hers. She managed a small smile and tried to regain her composure.

"Ummmm," her mouth seemed to stumble under his strong unnerving stare. "I…I'm sorry. I er, didn't realise that this house was sold to um, someone."

He narrowed his glowing eyes. Celeste looked down at her shoes like a little kid being told off for doing something horrible like finger painting on the wall instead of the paper.

"I really am sorry," she mumbled lamely.

"Get out of here," was his only reply before leaving to go inside the house.

The comment made her head snap back up. She glared after his retreating frame and gave him the finger, poking out her tongue for added insult. Rude asshole.

She crawled into the hole and once on the other side she picked up her bag and crossed the street. Detention was now a certain. All because of that freak, her mind fumed.

"Hey Cel, where were you at homeroom this morning?" her best friend, Rachel Evans, asked on their way to the lunchroom.

Celeste sighed, "You would never guess the morning I had."

Rachel grinned, "Try me."

They sat down in their usual spot at Eden High's cafeteria as Celeste started with her story.

"No way!" Rachel squealed after Celeste was done recounting the events that took place that morning.

"I kid you not. He told me to get out and that's it! I couldn't believe the nerve of that jerk!" Celeste vented, her cheeks red.

Rachel laughed, "Celeste, was he cute?"

Celeste looked back at her friend dubiously, "Haven't you hard a word I've said? His a complete cold hearted, no-mannered, jerk!"

She received another laugh from her best friend, "Yes I heard that, but you still haven't told me whether he was cute or not."

Celeste's already red face turned a deeper shade.

Rachel lifted an eyebrow.

"He's cute," Celeste reluctantly confessed.

"Who's cute? You couldn't be speaking about me could you?" another teasing voice joined in.

The girls turned to find their close friend Aaron Gates grinning not so modestly, showing off perfect white teeth framed by the most wanted lips in school.

Celeste rolled her eyes. "No Ron, we meant the nose picking kid in our Chem class."

Aaron chuckled taking a seat next to her. "Celeste, my dear friend, you really need to go out a lot more if your definition of 'cute' is the infamous booger-picking kid of Eden High."

Rachel sniggered, stopping when given an evil glare by Celeste.

"So what happened to you this morning?" Aaron asked taking a swig of his canned drink. "I tried to cover your cute ass at homeroom but then I thought to myself, no, Aaron, why do that when you can have a Celeste in detention with you this afternoon?"

"You're my knight in shining armour," Celeste replied dryly. "And stop making references to my rear before I show you what this cute ass can do."

Rachel couldn't help but laugh at her two friends' jibes at each other, "Actually Ron, that's what we were discussing."

"Celeste's ass?"

Rachel shook her had, "No, why Celeste was late."

"Yeah before we got rudely interrupted," Celeste said pointedly. Aaron was all innocence.

"So why were you late this time? Got abducted by aliens again?" Aaron smirked taking another drink.

"Celeste met a new guy and apparently he's really hot!" Rachel said in a singsong voice.

Aaron put his drink down, "Really? Who?"

Celeste shrugged, "I was running late this morning so I decided to take the shortcut at the corner house but I got busted by a guy there."

"Yeah and he was really hot." Rachel repeated, winking at the blonde boy. "Watch it Aaron, you might have some competition around here."

Celeste shook her head amusedly while Aaron began to chew his burger.

"He's a complete jerk Rach, no match for our wittle adorable Ronny here." Celeste said pinching her friend's cheeks, laughing when he glared back at her, mouth full of half eaten burger.

Rachel shrugged, "So you say." She then got up and groaned, "Well anyway kids, I need to get going. I have a make up test for Bio to get to. Wish me luck!"

"Good luck," Celeste said.

"Break a leg!" Aaron chorused. Rachel flipped him the finger.

"Poor thing. I took the test last week, it was a complete killer." Celeste said sympathetically waving her friend off.

She heard no answer from her remaining company.

Sighing dramatically she looked at Aaron who was still chewing his burger.

"Why so glum, chum? Yet another disaster with a fair maiden?" she said in her best imitation of Shakespearean language. "Nay, perhaps it is spending the afternoon knowing that you have wronged one of your closest friends- which I may add is all your fault! I can't believe that you would drag me down to detention with you." she finished in her normal tone.

Aaron smiled, "It is neither my fair one. It is because I cannot call…your cute ass mine."

Celeste blushed and glared. "Eat cake," was all she said before picking up her small plate and squashing her cake onto her friend's face. Luckily for Aaron it was a tiny piece but enough to cover half his face with dark chocolate.

"Want to lick it off for me?" he asked.

Celeste laughed, "Nope, but I think half the female population around here would."

"Hey girls," she called to one of the tables in the middle of the room. "Aaron is having some trouble with his cake. Mind if you give him a hand?"

She laughed when she saw girls jumping off their seats and making their way towards their table. She looked at Aaron's scared expression and doubled over. "Good luck Ron."

"That was both evil and cruel." Aaron hissed at the dark haired girl next to him.

Celeste smiled, "It was, wasn't it?"

Aaron slumped in his seat.

Detention was never fun but at least with Celeste around he would be amused. They had taken refuge at the back corner from the drill sergeant teacher who was unfortunately supervising them that afternoon.

"How did Rach go with her test?" Aaron whispered.

"She kicked ass," Celeste replied, rubbing her left shoulder.

A few minutes went by before Aaron was distracted from doing his Math homework because of Celeste's hand constantly rubbing her shoulder. "You okay?"

Celeste looked up from her History book and looked at him questioningly.

Aaron nodded his head at her hand soothing her shoulder.

Celeste followed his gaze and looked surprised as if she hadn't realized she was doing it in the first place.

"Yeah, I think I scratched it this morning when I was crawling into the hole."

"Here let me see," he replied, concern evident in his tone. He reached over to pull the edge of her shirt down to where she had been rubbing it.

Celeste recoiled at his touch, "What are you doing?"

Aaron rolled his clear blue eyes, "I'm actually not being perverted for once. Come on, let me see, it could be a bruise in which case we should get you some ice."

Celeste relented to his commanding voice and pulled the edge of her uniform down to her bare shoulder.

Aaron gasped, "What the hell is that?"

Their teacher looked up at them and gave them both a menacing glare.

"Sorry Sir," Aaron said giving their teacher an easy going smile. "I've never seen a math problem this complicated before. One plus three, it's a shocker wouldn't you agree?"

A few people laughed but not before being silenced by a loud snap of their teacher's ruler hitting the table.

Aaron winced and went back to pretending to work. Celeste gave him a worried look and once their teacher was not looking their way Aaron had another look at Celeste's shoulder.

There was a red mark blemishing her skin. It looked as if she had been severely burnt.

"Celeste what the hell did you do to yourself?"

She gave him an alarmed look as she glanced at the red mark on her shoulder, quickly covering it back up.

"I don't know. I thought I just scratched it. It doesn't hurt or anything, it's just a bit itchy."

Aaron looked on with worry, "Let's get out of here."

Sighing, Celeste heaved her bag onto her other shoulder. What a long day.

After going to the nurse's office and putting ice on the mysterious red mark, Aaron decided to take her out for some ice cream deciding that if the ice won't work from the outside then it should work from the inside.

Celeste smiled to herself as she trudged up the long street. If she hadn't reassured Aaron that she was okay and that the mark hadn't disabled her legs, he would have walked her home too.

She appreciated his worry though, she had never seen him act so…nice to her before, not that he wasn't nice, but he was just so…gentle.

Celeste groaned aloud. Gentle? Celeste, you really need some sleep.

She looked at her shoulder absentmindedly. The mark was still there but at least it wasn't as red as it had been when she and Aaron first discovered it. I wonder what happened to it? An allergy maybe?

Her mind flashed back to the morning events. The touch of her left shoulder. The electricity. Her eyes widened with realization. It was because of him.

She stopped walking, her thoughts churning in her mind repeatedly.

Suddenly a car appeared, speeding down the street. It screeched its brakes after a white cat ran across the road, but it was too late. The cat had been hit.

"Hey you jack ass!" Celeste called after the speeding car in vain.

Exasperated, she ran onto the road towards the cat's lifeless body. She bent down to inspect it. You poor thing. It's not your fault some humans are pigs!

She looked away feeling a great sickness taking over her, her vision rapidly blurring. Her head felt heavy as her heartbeat began to slow down as it did in the morning. What is happening to me? She asked herself putting a hand on her forehead. Her ears buzzed. Her hands were tingling.

Then, as quickly as the change came, it went. She stood feeling exhausted.

"Celeste, what the hell are you doing in the middle of the road?" strong arms helped her back to the safety of the sidewalk-it was Aaron.

"It's a good thing I came back, you could have been hit!" he kept on saying.

Celeste looked up at him her face strained, "A hit a white cat…I was looking at it…"

Aaron looked at her, "Celeste, let's get you home."

Celeste shook her head, "Aaron, a car hit a white cat."

"Celeste, if you're talking about the white cat over there, then I think it wasn't as dead as you thought it was."

Celeste looked at Aaron with puzzlement. She turned her head to where Aaron had indicated the supposedly dead cat was and sure enough it was there. Licking itself clean as if nothing had happened.

Celeste moved from Aaron's arms and stared at the place the cat had been killed not too long ago.

"This doesn't make sense." Celeste whispered to herself dazed and shaken by the whole experience.

"Come on, I'm taking you home. You might be coming down with something."

She let herself be lead away by Aaron.

Green eyes narrowed from the upstairs window. He had seen it- the car, the dead cat, the girl being helped by a blonde boy.

The cat had been revived; there was no doubt about it.

"It's her." He spoke to the man beside him.

They left the dark room.

If they had just stayed a while longer, they would have witnessed the cat suddenly falling and resting eternally.

"It's not long now…"


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