I remember the taste of oranges at half-time
How we'd work so hard, and in the middle we'd get just a taste of cool,
fresh, vibrant citrus
And the work always seemed worth it, just for those few bites

I remember the whisps of silver verse
Hanging in the air over a hill at midnight
With me jumping to catch them and hear their beauty
But never touching them, strands of joy just out of my reach

I remember running through willows
Hoping to reach the end of the weeping trees
Before I had to turn back
I wish that I had made it for just one time

I remember the tears that I shed
At the funeral of a child I did not know
Just crying for the sadness
That I didn't understand
Hanging in the air

I have seen things that I remember
Things of wonder, like the silver verses
Like the taste of oranges
And things I remember that I cry for now
The willows weeping
For a dying boy

I could never reach the end of the forest

But I remember.