What is war?

Death for a cause?

What cause?

What cause is worthy of human life?


What is freedom?

Freedom to indulge yourself in the pleasures of Capitalism?

Freedom to teach your children the ideals of hate and bigotry?

Freedom to gratify your every desire only to find them replaced with new ones?

Freedom to have an affair with your secretary?

Freedom to work the same monotonous nine to five job for most of your adult life in an incessant pursuit of a larger pay check?

Freedom to worship money?

What is money?

The right to be entitled to more than someone else?

The right to drive a Hummer outfitted with DVD players and chrome rims while Sudanese refugees die of starvation every day?

The right to be wasteful?

The right to be arrogant?

The right to kill?

Isn't that what war is?

Murder in the name of freedom?

Murder in the name of God?

Murder in the pursuit of wealth?

Murder in the pursuit of power?

Is violence the only universal language?

Does it ever resolve anything?

Is there an alternative?

There is.

It is Peace.

Peace is not achieved by negotiations and conferences.

Peace is not achieved by pacts and truces.

Peace is not an ideal that can be forced or demanded.

Peace is not policing.

Peace is an internal revolution.

It only takes one person to begin the infection of Peace.

Peace begins in the heart and mind of an individual.

Peace begins when the desires and identities of the ego are abandoned.

Peace begins when you see your enemy as your brother.

Peace begins when you put the needs of others above your own.

Even when they take advantage of you.

Even when they abuse you.

Even when they want to kill you.

The person who is in Peace is in Love.

Love is compassion.

Love is empathy.

Love is the only way to truly fulfill your desire.

And yet it is only achievable if you abandon your desire.

Love is light.

Love is warmth.

Love is the soul in true harmony with the Devine.

Love is infectious.

Love is confronting.

Love is the only effective weapon against an enemy of hate.

Love is the only solution to war.

It might mean giving up your SUV and your pension plan.

It might mean lowering your "standard of living."

It might mean loosing your friends.

It might mean apologizing for your ignorance.

But the day you begin to love…

The day you begin to seek Peace…

Is the day you begin to live.