Dear Ray:

Figured it out this night

everything comes with a price

is it even worth the fight

not really sure

How sad is that?

Fucking nightmares never end,

why bother to pretend

to continue this "normal" life

What is "Normal"?

Who decides, Fuck them to!

There is no "normal," only life

Try so hard to be a man

Do everything that I can,

Always coming up short

Never up to Par

Solitude is the only way

then there's nobody there

to hear what is said

not that they do anyway

voices echo in my head

Not really bitter or mad,

Just a little sad

Apart of you died tonight

Don't worry you won't see

It was the hope that dwelled inside

Now, as hopeless as a fish

Out of the sea

Some nights we pray to die

Would that be a change?

From the darkness you are in now?

Nothing more than a helpless mass

Drifting along in life

So young, but ready to go home

Brain is a fucked up wreak

Rather die than continue to age

Still holding on to that childish belief?

That there is something more to life then this

A mansion, with street paved with gold

nothing more than a fable,

and like everything, that to is growing old/

Faith is so fragile

Broken many times

Dissipated over these 21 long years

"GOD" knows we have cried many tears

Just want to know why?


Dealt with Bullshit, What have we done?

To become this child that has been forlorn

Is it my punishment?


End my pain!

What does not kill us makes us stronger

Another stupid saying

to make a ease a child's pain

How about this one?

What does kill us? What the fuck does that do?

Then can we come home with trumpets blaring

Silence still

so loud it's deafening

not surprised

God! Can we make a pact and agree,

Leave him alone, and I will not spit thee?

How about that? Does that fit,

into your fucked master plan?

Don't worry about it, nothing works,

Lost without a place to call home,

Wake us if your nightmare ever ends,

Until then,


We will miss you my friend


Your Hope and Faith