The Epic Saint

Once we were lost,

Blinded by ignorance

On the verge of destruction

It just did not make any sense

Bitter words we did have

We turned our backs on each other

Our friendship was thrown away

Then I walked away from my brother

Our Friendship goes back years

Free food at Burger King

DECA and Roach's suicide van

The poor car doors with all the dents and dings

Most of our clique no longer talk

One of us has now fallen,

Some just no longer care

Don't hear any of them callen

Now, What about us?

You were my friend

Could always talk to and turn to

Then suddenly it came to an end

Tearing me apart

Watching you walk away

Do me one last favor

Remember the words that I say

A friend does many things

They listen to a troubled mind

We mend a broken heart

Lend a hand when needed

My Brother

You have been

And you will always be

When you need to talk, look no farther than me.