by Reka

One morning, when the flowers bloom and the trees bud, a dog was born. The dog's name was Shadow becuase he was dark, dark black. He just appered out of nowhere and was dropped in a mud puddle. I guess you know why he was the darkest dog around. No one saw him because he was a dog named Pem's shadow. At night, when Pem was asleep, he would go out, bite people, and GIVE THEM RABIES! People would blame Pem because, after all, he was her shadow and he looked just like her. Soon Pem was on the street, because everyone thought she went out, bit people, and GAVE THEM RABIES! One fine day Pem herself got bit that bad dog Shadow until he foamed at the mouth, and bit everything in sight only Pem was on the mad dog's back. He barked and melded with Pem, becoming one. Pem thought she should kill herself, but Shadow had better ideas. He was waiting for RABIES to start working to get Pem. Pem shivered. Pem sneezed. An inch-long dog growing fast fell from her nose, growing fast. It was Shadow! She lifted a paw, and stepped on him. She saw a dog-catcher, threw him the small dog, and laid down to rest.