Through the day, you'll never see
A face that frowns, nor tears that fall
You'll only see what everyone thinks is really me
A pretty face, red with blush, lips painted pink, like a doll

At night I wake, and sit in bed
Crying and alone, curled up against a wall
Taking my mask off in th dark, only to wish I were dead
Trying to walk away, but barely able to crawl

A rag doll, as simple as can be
A rag doll, is all that is me
Thrown around and tossed away
What can I do, what should I say?

Crimson blood, seeping through
The drawings and designs on my wrist
All the drawings of which no one knew
And still, by death I've yet to be kissed

A rag doll, that's all I am
Give me a knife, and I'll give you all you want
Push the blade through my blackened heart and break the dam
Bring down the barriers, break the bond

A rag doll, that's all I am