Important! A/N: I have totally rewritten the intro… Because I really hated the old one… The character Andre? No more. Nada. Ella es nadie.

Chapter 1

It's Complicated

I've never really believed in fairy tales.

Even when I was a little girl. While all of my friends were dressing up as Cinderella or Snow White for Halloween, I dressed up as Darth Vader. My father disappeared for more than half the year, so there went my understanding of 'family fun'. Don't get me wrong – I'm not depressed, just bitter. How could I have a happy ending when I didn't believe in them?

All of my friends were hooking up in sixth grade during middle school. Me? The third-wheel in every dating situation. At seventeen years old, I can proudly say no boy has ever asked me out. Which means yours truly has never been kissed. Pathetic, right?

I truly don't see why not. I've had random people tell me I'm pretty enough; not beautiful, but not exactly ugly either. And then I've had random people flick me off and tell me I need an attitude adjustment.

So that might be it. I had an attitude problem. Huh. Big deal. So does Lindsay Lohan, yet I've seen all the guys at my school drooling over her breasts. Or that may be it. I don't have big enough breasts. Who cares? I'm not going to spend three thousand bucks on augmentation of my breasts. That's disgusting.

Gossip Girl. Now those kids are demented. I stared down at the book cover disgusted. Is getting laid the only thing these brats think about? I tossed the book aside and glanced at the clock. Twenty more minutes until lunch.


I looked up to see Mrs. Heartz staring at me. "Would you please deliver this to Fiona Lancaster, please?" She handed me a brown bag, probably Fiona's lunch.

"Sure," I replied.

I leaped out of my seat, took the bag from Mrs. Heartz, and waltzed out the door. I headed down the hall to room 318. When I got to Mrs. Gert's room, I made sure to knock first. (I got told by Mrs. Gert once because I interrupted her class. This time I couldn't help it. She hates me, though.)

"What is it, Minnie?" Mrs. Gert sighed. Doesn't she just LOVE me? Actually, no. Surprise, surprise. The class glanced up at their unexpected visitor.

"Delivery for Fiona Lancaster," I mumbled.

"Well, give it to me, child. We haven't got all day," she snapped.

I resisted the urge to chuck the bag at her face. Instead, being the star student I am, I just sweetly handed the bag to her and strode out the door.

"Thanks, Minnie," Fiona called out.

"No prob," I smiled. "See ya!"

The door was shut when I got back to the office. Unaware, I opened it,( quite violently, in fact) and was shocked when it collided with another person.


Please don't let it be the principal, I prayed. Please?

The guy turned around, and my breath caught in my throat. He had brown hair with dirty blond steaks running thorugh it, eyes a color so blue, but yet so green, and was without a doubt a very cute guy. I would go as far as to say even handsome.

Wait a sec, I thought. I, Minnie Calahan, thought a guy was CUTE? The fates must be conspiring against me. Dang. I knew I shouldn't have ate that last slice of strawberry cake. But it was sooo gooey, so mouth-wateringly tempting that I couldn't resist…

I snapped out of it. "I'm so sorry!" I cried.

The guy managed a small smile (or was it a smirk? Hmmm…) "It's all good."

"Um… can I help you with anything?" I stammered.

"Yeah. Can I have your telephone number?"

My jaw dropped 10 feet to the floor, and my eyes narrowed.

He saw my expression. "Kidding. Why would I want your number?" He smirked. Yup, that was definitely a smirk.

That's it. I had a short temper to begin with, but this freak was stretching it. Never mind the fact that he was cute. When I'll be through with him, he won't be recognizable, not in a good way. Not at all.

Fortunately for him, Mr. Smarley, a.k.a. "Mr. I-think-I'm-so-good-but-you-know-I'm-not" came out of his office.

Mr. Smarley smiled. "Ah, the new student, Tyler Heming."

Tyler nodded. "Yes, sir."

"Right this way please, young man."

The two of them left, and I stood all alone in the stupid office with nothing to do. Absolutely nothing. Right then and there, I vowed that Mr. Tyler Heming was a stupid, inconsiderate jerk with little brawn and even less brain.

He was so not going to have a happy ending at this school.