I. Amusement
Among the gayety of the carnival
In the uproarious laughter. The only
Silent exchange is of Money.
II. Glee
Laughing in joy.
Singing, joyful cries
Outbursts of happiness.
Along with the ring
Of Money.
III. Delight
Child's Laugh. Licking
Ice cream's great charm.
Chilled happiness, made
Through Money
IV. Mirth
Singing out, laughing
Louder. As the comedian
Shouts the punch line.
The Money drops in
To his hat
V. Awe
Sleek, shining bright,
Black car, giant building
Built to be revered. On
The green Back of Money
VI. Pity
The man. The boy.
The rich. The poor.
The sorrow from rich
To poor
All due to Money
VII. Fear
Hunger. No food.
Rats jumping out. Large
As a poodle. Death.
Out of Money.
VIII. Suspicion
Rich. In the large car.
Body guards. Security.
All against the poor.
All to keep the Money.
IX. Anger
Father's out of work.
Smash, the sound of
Crashing tables. Broken
Bones. No help.
Money won't come in.
X. Scornful
Spitting. Kicking.
Dog! Out of my way!
Poor man with no Money!
XI. Embarrassment
Buy the food. Look
Away as you talk.
No Money sir, please
Have pity.
XII. Sorrow
Crying. Susie be
Glad. But so hungry.
No friends. All alone
Without a bit of
Money to my name.
XIII. Vengeance
He has it! He
Will give it to us!
He's rich. Burn
His house! The
Money will be ours!