a foreword.

Oh, no.

No, she didn't.

Yes, my sentiments exactly. To all my old readers, you can rub your eyes and pinch yourselves, but it won't change the fact that I just updated this story again after so many years.

Well technically, I prefer to call this a second reboot of the franchise. The first reboot I won't expound on; we all know what a disaster that turned out to be.

So anyway, nine years later I've decided that it's about time I pulled my crap together and fixed this story once and for all. I know most of you are loyal fans of the original version, but fear not! This is really just more of a rewrite more than anything, perhaps with some minor changes… -shiftily looks around-

And yes, I've decided to take down the original chapters again. I probably won't be uploading them again anymore, sad to say.

To new readers, please disregard this psychobabble. Trudge on to the next page for the first chapter of BLACK CHERRY (formerly known as Kaine/547 SERVICE).

I look forward to all your comments, questions, and (possibly violent) reactions.

Excuse me while I rest in peace.