A/N: This song was not written by me. This was written by one of my bestest friends, Sara . When we were in 6th grade we were blinded by fame and wanted to be in a band called The Green Gazelles with our other best friend, Sarah . This was our first song we wrote...Now that we are all in separate highschools, I found this song on a piece of paper, crinkled up in my 6th grade math binder. Sarah/Sara, if you're reading this...I LOVE YOU!

Record Deal

[sing without music...ocapello or something like that ]
You may not know us now, but I'm sure you will
You may not know us now, but just wait until (*hold last note*)

We get a record deal at some awesome company
Broadcast ourselves onto ev'ry TV
Go on a tour to ev'ry county
Then I'm sure that you will see

That the Green Gazelles will dominate the world
The Green Gazelles will reach all boys and girls
And if you think we're lying wait until
We get a record deal, yeah
We get a record deal, yeah

You better go to all of our concerts
And you damn well better scream until it hurts
Cause if you don't you'll be among the NERDS


[Repeat chorus]

[fade out]