My name is Bath Kol. Or at least, that is who I once was. It was a very long time ago. A time when the Earth had more than one voice, when a sword was at once a song and a beam of light. Of course, you as a human can not understand this, but I remember it, and it pains me that your race does not.

Of course, it is partly my fault that you don't.

I am an angel of Prophecy. Or I was. It is a very confusing tale. You of course do not believe me, just yet. And I would show you, but I do not look as I once did. I look more demon than angel, and there is a reason for that too. Many say it is your race's fault we look so, but I think it is a combination of humanity and angel that caused such appearances. Perhaps the memories in this body simply have made me softer. I do not mind, though I should.

I am straying from why I decided to speak to you. See, as an angel, my memory is perfect. I remember every moment of every day. But in a mortal shell, this mind can only remember fragments of what I once was, what I once did. But it returns to me a sense of justice and peace, something my kind has not had for many millennia.

We were not evil. Not in the beginning. Everyone who thinks of demons thinks we have been evil since we turned from God, but that simply is not true. We were not truly evil until Cain murdered Abel, and then it wasn't a true evil. It was just the beginnings of what you call evil. But again I stray from my purpose. I should tell the story in order, shouldn't I?

As I said, my name was Bath Kol, Angel of Prophecy, of the Fourth House of Spheres. I read the patterns in the cosmos, and from these patterns things of the future were revealed to me. Ahrimal called a meeting with our House's leaders, speaking of a great storm that was to come upon Adam and Eve. For some reason, our leaders did not listen. But I did. I was there when Ahrimal spoke to us about what he had seen. And I was there when Lucifer himself came to the meeting, listening to what Ahrimal had seen. It was difficult for we, the Angels of God, to ignore such a horrible omen. We loved Humanity as much as we loved God, and this had been ordered upon us by the Most High herself.

(Now you are getting off subject. God is neither male nor female. It matters not what you call her, or him. As long as you are happy.)

Lucifer, second only to God, made a decision soon after this meeting. He decided that he would go to Humanity. He would reveal himself. This was at once disturbing, and relieving. God had forbidden us to reveal ourselves to Humanity, and we had never understood why. But God had also said to love Humanity even as we loved her. These commands were contradicting themselves in the current conversation. We believed that in order for Humanity to survive the coming storm, they must become aware of those around them.

Perhaps we were indeed naïve. Looking back, I can see the trail that led to the storm. Had we angels not disobeyed God, Humanity would even now still be ignorant. They would be intelligent in the way that primates are intelligent. But they would not appreciate beauty, or a song. They would be mere animals, and not the creation we had envisioned. But even now, I think we chose right. We gave to Humanity its true birthright. Perhaps, had God been the truly forgiving God that so many Christians believe in, the storm would not have arisen. It was not merely our choice that brought so much pain and hate to this world.

To make a long story short, many of us joined Lucifer in awakening Adam and Eve to their true birthright. We showed them the ways of building, of creating, of laughter and joy. Humanity grew strong and brilliant under our tutelage, and together we were happy. But then the sun rose, and with it, God's wrath. She sent Michael to deliver an ultimatum to us, and to our charges.

To us, we were to surrender. We would be brought back to Heaven, and uncreated. No longer would our names echo through the universe when called. We would cease to be. Angels do not die, you see. We either exist, or we don't. Only two of our number agreed to this. And so Michael cursed us. We were no longer Angels, but something else. We had no word for it, then. Of course, he was not finished. He turned to Humanity, which had grown in number during the night. And he gave them their ultimatum as well. They were to return to the Glory of God, and all we had given them would be taken. They would be as they were before - ignorant and intelligent animals. Some of them agreed, choosing to follow God. We did not mind at that point. We respected their devotion to God. We loved God, still, even if we had disobeyed and were even then rebelling. But most of the Humans chose to stand with us. I can still remember the tear that shone upon Lucifer's face. I can still remember the thrill of joy that we were loved at last in return by those we had created. Perhaps this is what truly caused us to become Monsters. Losing that love.