Walking Contradictions

Who am I?

I walk alone this dark path,

screaming into the night that surrounds me,

and feeling the horror as the words are flung back.

Is there a light ahead?

The stinging tears blur my sight-

I cannot tell.

Am I then,

destined to fade? Forced to fade?

My mind is wearing thin,

its influence sends my body craving for the sweet and undesirable;

but yet, unattainable.

Death stares at me through it's many faces,

its glittering grin, filled with sharp, pointing teeth;

and its two deep sockets, eyes follow,

Its loose, hanging hair, dread-locked and knotted,

its hot, gassed breath.

It beckons me, mocks me, and makes a coward out of me.

Where is God?

Where is my God who was promised to save me?

Millions of me perish,

why do I still live?

Some mark me with caustic daggers,

their bitter-sweet voices juxtapose...

Who am I?

Who am I?

Who am I?