This came to me as another of those random thoughts. My friend and I wanted to spend out last year of school in America, just for the Craic. And to live the teen movie experiences of course. Nothing seemed to work so we've abandoned the idea. Maybe in another life. Hopefully. Hope you like this chapter. Any comments or ideas, or just another random thoughts: review.

~ Kirsty

The New Girl

Maya stepped out of her blue motorbike and into the car park. She looked to her left and sized up the school. It was bigger than her last. She looked to right and there were at least a thousand students milling around the car park. Maya felt lonely. Not only was she new, she had only lived in Gainesville, Florida for two weeks. She was thankful that her bike had arrived two days before. She couldn't really live without that old thing.

Eve looked across the storm of cars to find a pretty girl who she had never laid eyes on before. She must be new, she thought. She was about to get deep. She had parked her motorbike in Jimmy Parker's spot. He had taken the same spot for the last three years of high school. As Eve walked towards the girl, she thought she better save the girl from public embarrassment and a smashed motorbike.

" You really shouldn't park there." Eve called out as the driver was locking her bike.

Maya looked up into the eyes of a Goth. " Why not?"

" The person who has had that spot since freshman year will kill you. Just move it to the next space."

Maya could see the girl was telling the truth. "Fine." She answered and quickly moved the bike into the next space along. "Can I park here?"

" No-one's ever parked there. They've all been too afraid."

" Who is the guy anyway?"

" The name's Jimmy Parker. You new? I'm Eve."

" Maya."

Eve considered the girl. She wore black baggy jeans and a pink-and-black spotty tank top. She had an orange-one-strap bag slung over her right shoulder and a black case in her left hand.

Maya looked at the Goth. She wore heavy eyeliner, but not too much to look scary. Her hair was pulled into braids, which were hanging like dreadlocks over her shoulders. She wore black flares and a light blue tank. Her hands were shoved roughly into her pockets.

The girls walked towards the school and up the main steps. " So where'd you move from?"

" Scotland."

" Home of haggis and highland cows?"

" The one and only."

" Cool. What age are you then?"

" Seventeen. I'm not all clued up on the high school terms. Which year would I be in?"

" Hopefully, you'll be a senior like me. If not, you'd be a junior."

" I was going to go into my final year back home."

" Ah righty-ho. How long have you been out here?"

" Two weeks."

" Not long then. Wotcha think of Gainesville then?"

" Incredibly warm."

" Agreed. It is still summer, being the end of August."

" I can't believe it. It was thirty-degrees-Celsius this morning. If I were in Scotland right now, it'd be a maximum of twenty."

" Quite a difference. Mind you, we're further south than the UK."

" I guess. I can't believe we're talking about the weather. I'm so boring."

Eve came to a stop outside what seemed to be a classroom door. " Nah, you're not. This is the main office. If you go through this door here, and talk to old Mrs. Whyte, you'll be sure to get through the day. Good luck."

Eve started to walk off in the direction they came. " Hey Eve!" Maya called. The girl turned back around. " Thanks." She called and gave her a genuine smile.

* Knock-knock *

" Come in!" Called a high voice. She turned the knob and walked into the office. The room itself was coloured a bight blue, with baby pink rims. Maya though she had walked into a baby's room.

" Ooh a new girl! How positively thrilling!" The woman called out to her. It was a while before the teenager realised she was serious.

" Hello." She was gestured to sit so she did.

" Are you Maya Honey?" Maya winced in embarrassment.

" Yes." She answered, trying drastically not to turn red. At least the woman hadn't called her Matilda already.

" Perfect. I'm sure I don't have to tell you much about Travis High School."

" Well, I don't know anything." Perfect, Mrs Whyte thought, another ditz, that's just what we need.

" Well, it's all in this diary. Here is your locker key, your homeroom number, your schedule and a small map in case you get lost. Enjoy your day!" She called as she practically pushed Maya out the room.

Geez, these people are too happy, she thought miserably. Maya would preferably be back in her old school, with her old friends. She looked at her watch. She would have been in registration right now, talking to Penny and Mica.

Maya's first though was to find her locker, dump her stuff, head to 'homeroom' and sleep. She also thought to look out for Eve, but according to the guide in her diary, out of three thousand people, she didn't think Eve would be easy to find. After circling corridor after corridor for ten minutes, she finally found her locker. After shoving her case into her new locker and shoved her pale pink jacket in there, she looked at her schedule. Third period lunch, she thought, what the hell does that mean? Her first two subjects included maths and more maths. Unfortunately, Maya had failed Maths the previous term in Scotland with a D, but had hoped to repeat it. She wondered what Maths 3 meant. What was it in the terms of Highers?

She shoved her maths books from last year into her bag and headed off to find Homeroom. The bell rang just as she reached the door. 'Miss Turner' the door read. 'English'. Maya was glad she had passed English last year, which was quite surprising as Maths had been her strong point.

She walked through the open door, and walked, she hoped, calmly to the teacher's desk. "I'm new." She said in a small voice. "Where should I sit?"

" Anywhere you like. Miss Honey, is it?"

" Yes. Right, okay. " The teacher marked her name down at the bottom of a list. Maya muttered as she walked through a couple of rows of desks before settling beside a window.

The room was practically empty, until a loud crowd of boys came in.

" Man, you see that motorbike outside?"

" Yeah. What a stunner." The other commented.

A third voice popped up, " Any idea who's it is?" The boys looked like the stereotypical jocks from the typical American teen movie.

" Hey Jimmy. Bit risky it being parked beside your Porsche right?"

" I bet it's some Freshman." The boy, apparently Jimmy, replied.

" I wouldn't be surprised."

" What's the hold-up?" a female voice asked from the back of the crowd.

" Look here, it's little Eve." The boys laughed.

" Fuck off, James. You're no taller than me."

Jimmy Parker was indeed the same height as Eve. Some of the boys laughed. "Looks like you've shrunk, Jimmy-boy."

" Shut it, Morrison."

" Boys, if you would kindly sit down and shut the door behind you. And leave you're sister alone. She has the same right as you to be here." The teacher called.

Eve shoved past him, spotted Maya and sat down beside her.

" New flesh!" one of the jocks pointed out as the teacher started to speak.

" For once, you're right, Darren. Maya Honey is our newest senior. Would you like to come up and say a bit about yourself?"

To Maya, it did not look as if she had a choice.

She stood up beside the teachers' desk. "What do you want to know?" she asked the leering crowd of boys. Her accent was not entirely distinguishable.

A voice called from the back. " Which part of Scotland are you from?"

" North-west" she replied, looking into the eyes of the speaker. He was a skater type, skateboard under one arm, hair spiked up with blue tints and blue baggy trousers, almost matching her own. He had kind eyes. They had a certain tint in them, which made her want to smile.

" Age?"

" Seventeen."

" Anything else?" she asked, getting increasingly bored.

With no answers, Maya sat down beside Eve. Registration was soon called. After homeroom, Eve departed for French as Maya tried to find Maths 3. Eve told her she would meet her for third period lunch beside the girls toilets, in the hope that she could find them.

She found the classroom ten minutes after what seemed like the final bell. The teacher did not look pleased.

" Miss Honey, I presume? Please tell me why you're late."

" I'm new. I don't know this school. I got lost."

" Well, next time, ask someone for directions."

" I did. They sent me to Physics."

A few people in the class tittered. "I won't have anyone answering me back, Miss Honey, especially not a new student. I'll let you off this time, but try not to be too late."

" Yes Ma'am." Just as she sat down, a boy rushed into the room. It was the skater from her homeroom.

" Sorry, Ma'am, I slept in." Yeah right, thought Maya.

" Detention, Matthew, can't you set an example to our new students?"

" New students? We're all new in this class. It's the start of the new term. We're supposed to be new." He preached.

" Sit down, Matthew. If you cheek me once more, it'll be detention for you."

As it happens, the only available seat was directly beside her. Damn that, Maya thought, I'm gonna be stuck with the troublemaker all year round. I want to pass this class.

"As I was saying class, since none of you seem to have taken Maths 3 before, we will start with some basics, so you can get into the feel of maths. We will start with the start of section three. " The teachers' voice was kinder now, although it sounded like she was a crazed hippie, craving for some hard mathematical equations. On the other hand, that might be just it, thought Maya, hiding a smirk behind her hand.

" What about some differentiation, okay?"

" Miss, don't we need jotters?" someone at the front asked.

She surveyed the class. " And books, yes, I'd forgotten about that." For ten minutes she rummaged in her cupboard, finally producing orange textbooks and purple jotters.

" How positively thrilling." Someone muttered sarcastically from across the row, behind Maya. Great likeness to Mrs Whyte, she remembered.

" Now. Read the example and try to do as far as you can in exercise 2A."

As Maya was writing her name in black ink on her new jotter, a nudge came from her left side, almost causing her to mess up her neat handwriting. Neatest it's ever been, she thought proudly.

" Hey, watch it." She muttered.

" Sorry. Can I borrow a pen?"

" As long as you give it back."

" Now why wouldn't I do that?"

" Because I don't know you."

" Well, I'm Matthew."

" So it seems."

" And you're Maya. The new chick."

" Chick? What do you think I am? Some kind of farm animal?"

" Hey calm down lady, it's only an expression."

Maya gave him the pen and settled down to answer some of the questions. After she had finished the first question, and all counterparts to it, she felt another nudge.

" What?" She asked, annoyed that he was pestering her yet again.

" How did you do that?"

" Do what?"

" The question." He whispered back.

" This? It's really easy." She simply answered.

" Problem, miss honey?" asked the teacher.

" No, miss."

" Then would you calmly read us your answer for question one."

The rest of the class, squirmed in their seats to watch the new girl answer one of the hardest questions they had never seen before. Most were puzzled just from the example.

" Ma'am?"

" Yes, Miss Honey?"

" Do you want the Stationary Points or just the differentiated answer?"

The teacher looked startled. So did the rest of the class. The teacher, Mrs Reeves, recovered quickly. " The minimum and maximum please."

" Minimum (5, -17), maximum, (2, -3)." She answered simply.

" Correct. Carry on with the rest of the questions, then." Her teacher looked impressed.

At the end of the second class, it seemed Maya was ahead by at least five questions than the rest of the class. Mrs Reeves thought it was terrific. Maya was bored. She's only just missed a pass last year by five-percent. All she had wanted to do this year was re-sit the exam. Maya could see that she would have to wait a bit before the exercises became hard again. The stuff every department started on was easy as pie. Even Matthew seemed impressed.

" Hey, you wanna hang out with us at lunch?"

" Us?"

" Me and my little gang."

" I'm meeting someone." Maya shifted uncomfortably. She didn't want to be late for her new friend on the first day. It would make the wrong impression completely.

" Boyfriend?"

She turned sharply. "Matthew, I've been here for two weeks, maximum. What do you think?"

" I'll take that as a no then. Who are you meeting then?"

" Eve."

" Eve from homeroom."

" Yes. Problem?"

Matthew almost laughed. "She eats lunch with us. She's part of our little gang."

" I still need to meet her. Can you point me in the direction of the girls' toilets?"

" Desperate?" Matthew grinned.

" No. I'm meeting her there."

" Classy."

" It's terrific."

Matthew seemed put down. " Come on, this way, I'll show you." He led her in the opposite direction they were walking in, against the flow of rushing people, eager to get to lunch on time.

As it went, Eve came to meet them as they shuffled though the crowds towards her. "Come on," she said as they greeted her. "We'll miss our table."

" It's okay. Oz is keeping our place. Everyone is too scared to go near him anyway. He just growls like a dog on the prowl."

" He's not a dog. He's sweet."

" You're just saying that because you're his girlfriend."

" True." She agreed. "Come on, I'm starved."