iNo one has ever fully explained what they see when they die. They can try and explain, but it's almost impossible to see it with their own eyes, and expect to talk about it afterwards. That's where legends get started. The legends merely provide what may happen. Not what will happen. Though...when death anyone prepared?

Someone's watching over me


My eyes slowly started to open as they took in my surroundings. A grey room sparsely furnished with the exception of a mirror, a chair, a table, a light bulb hanging from the ceiling and a bed. Slowly, I tumbled out and walked over to the mirror. My reflection was the same as it always would. I never knew why I kept the mirror to begin with. It wasn't necessary, but it gave me something to look at besides the grey walls. My mirror half drew me from my thought as it displayed how I always looked. I was wearing my usual black shroud, had no smile, and a stone look in my grey eyes. I can't change my appearance. Not that I care, but the others seem to think that black is pure evil. Their perception is clouded. Once they get word of my name, generalizations start all over. It is my duty, my punishment. For something I do not remember. Anything before my time spent here is a blur. My job brings a fear and hatred to everyone's heart. For it was I who brought them to this place of supposed peace.
I am an "Angel of death". My job is to bring men at peace. To quell their fears and place a smile on their lips before they breathe their last breath. Then they cross over to the other side, where the other angels take care of their reaction. While the other groups of angels have several angels to handle each job and client, I am one of the few. True, there used to be others, but they all backed out. I guess it was the grief they faced. I'll never be sure. Over the course of my job, I've had many a client. And not once have I been moved by death. I feel nothing. I'm not supposed to feel anything. Why should I? My duty is to help others; and nothing more.
I walked outside, and towards the railing several hundred feet from my door. Grasping the railing, I looked over toward the land of earth. There were no clouds in the sky, so it was a perfect day to look into the water. The waves reflected the sky today. The summer sky had yet to appear. My boss Charles had come into my room at headquarters the previous night with a box loaded with manila folders. He immediately dropped the box and it landed on a table landing with a large thud. I stared at the box with in amazement.
"What the hell is this?" I asked him raising an eyebrow.
"You're new assignment," Charles replied dryly "And you're not supposed to say hell up here. Have you not learned anything?" He repeated to me the third time this week. You could tell by the expression in his eyes that he was getting tired of it.
"Old habits die hard." I replied with the same tone of dryness. Shaking his head he slowly began to explain my assignment. While he was talking, I remained silent until he explained just how many were dying.
"You will be comforting thousands of dying men for today in this one spot." I looked at him, and nodded in agreement. I'm used to this now. Because of those pesky humans, I've seen more death in one location than I've ever seen before. That's just how they are. Fight until one side gives up. And try not to surrender first. And this was only my first assignment. Others would come later. I pushed that back from my mind and focused on this mission. My job would mostly cover the water, yet there were also land causalities. When he finished, Charles started to walk out the door. The he turned around to face me.
"Good luck today." He stated trying to remain calm. I looked at him with an odd look. This was a first.
"Why do I need the luck this time?" I asked with minor suspicion. His look became sullen then.
"Just wanted to say it," He replied. "I've never said it before, so I wanted to start saying it now." Then he turned around and walked out the door.

The noise of outside drew me out of my thought. The angels were bustling around getting ready for today. There was to be many newcomers today, as they ran back and forth in frustration. Feeling slightly happy I didn't have to welcome the newly dead, I went to where I was now, and looked over towards the sky. My senses were tingling. It was time.
'Summer's doorstep would be covered in blood'. I sighed to myself, as I leaned back from the railing. Breathing deeply, I gathered myself, and spread my wings. My body momentarily fused with the clouds, and the floor, then I slowly drifted towards the land they called earth.
When I landed, I looked towards the horizon. There were black ships approaching. The white of the cadet blue water smashed against their sides. I knew it wouldn't be long after that. It was time.

I'm not going to have a specific date in which my chapters will be set up. (If I give out dates, it puts pressure and I stop what I'm doing...not always fun). They'll be uploaded when I have the time. Feel free to give constructive criticism. I enjoy hearing your explanations of what I need to improve. ~Raven Demon