You stupid bitch
Giving me shit I didn't need
You limit yourself
Creating problems that define your existence
Always trying to stifle mine
And lately my soul has grown so black
That I can't seem to find my shine
Pink lipstick smeared on a mouth
And all I want to do is mouth-off
Black eyeliner to help me stare you down
You twist your lips you wear a frown
I'd cut my veins and bloody your crown
But you tarnish it better than I ever could
You do what you are and you'd be kind if you could
But you do what you don't and should
Saying bow down bow down
So I can bloody your crown
My humble blood
My blooming veins
Arteries flow into a sea
I swim in red
White eyes shining in a night of dread
Then I see your face
And say
Good morning
I love you
Even more than last night
When I slit my wrists
Just to let all the bad feelings fit.