She Follows:
I know she goes to church
And they say I need to be saved
But I'm fine
I don't need help
I have chosen my path, my religion
I know who I am and what I want
I don't want any help
So stop following, I say
Yet she follows
And won't go away
Finally I turn around and tell her my beliefs
I tell her to accept me
And that's what my religion says
To accept all people and religions
And to not try to sway them towards you
People can decide what they want themselves
Like me, and her, and you.
No, I don't need to be saved
Find someone who wants to be saved
And to go to church
And follow you
Excuse me, I finish, but your pastor can not
Tell me, or you,
What to do.
She follows someone else now
And we both have accepted
Our lives and religion
To live and love and forget