My Fault

I miss you when you're not here.
I want you to be here with me.
But I don't know how to tell you,
That while you're out with her,
I secretly watch
And cry as u hold her hand.
My heart breaks when you whisper in her ear and make her laugh
I want to be her.
I want you to whisper in my ear
And make me laugh.

By the time I actually tell u,
It might be too late.
I might not be here

It is too late.

It makes me sad that we could never be
And I had a chance to tell you.
But now it's too late
And as I remember what I felt for you,
I remember that I was too scared to tell you.
Too scared to admit to you.
Too scared to face my own fears.
Too scared to love you.

Words cannot make sense.
Words cannot explain.
But the regret I feel right now
I could never erase.
My pain led me to my demise.
My loneliness killed me.
But however I say it now,
I know it was my fault.
It was my fault.