Chapter 1

Part 1

The moonlight fell in a bright beam through the blackness seemingly focusing on one girl, Andrea. She was standing out in the January cold looking into the moon hopefully. "Oh what a dreary existence" she thought, "absolutely dreadful."
She really wasn't that miserable though, not really. She was actually fairly happy, living with her sister in a big city. She exhaled slowly her breath becoming an icy plume, "Shimatta*," she muttered underneath her breath, "I don't see why we had to meet outside in the cold; And I'm wearing bloody sneakers and a sundress!" She was meeting her boyfriend, against her sister's wishes, in the middle of the night for a concert. They were going to go see "Burning Koori**" A new Japanese band touring in the states, since then Andrea had picked up an amazing amount of Japanese vocabulary, composed mainly of not exactly clean words.
Andrea wasn't exceptionally tall, five feet four to be exact, but she was well proportioned. She had beautiful natural black hair that fell down to her thighs. She was slim but not skinny, her bust was large for her age, but not grossly so, and she had the absolutely most enchanting, silver eyes ever on a person.
A sleek blue car pulled up too fast, screeching its brakes to stop about 10 feet in front of her. Andrea shook her head, "Boys and their toys," she grumbled and walked up to the car and opened the door. Her boyfriend was peering at her from the driver's seat a little apologetically, "Sorry," he said, "I didn't think I was going that fast." Andrea just shrugged, "Whatever, lets go before we're late." Andrea slid into the little sports car and shut the door. Her boy friend leaned over for a kiss, "Not now Romeo, you little hentai***!" Romeo shrugged, "I'm a guy, what do you expect?" he asked. Andrea rolled her eyes, "just go." She said. And let out a little giggle. Romeo smiled, and put his foot on the gas.

*Japanese for "Damn It!" **Japanese for "ice" ***Japanese for "pervert".

The car started with a jerk and Andrea hastily applied her seat belt. She looked over at her boyfriend lovingly. Romeo was tall and lithe. A little on the skinny side but starting to fill out and look good. He had blonde hair that he wore in spikes and dazzling blue eyes. He looked over at his girlfriend, "aren't you cold in that?" he asked in regards to her sundress. Andrea shrugged, "not really... Aren't you hot in that?" she inquired, pointing at his sweater. He smiled and shrugged, "not really."
On the way there they listened to Burning Koori and sang along happily, it was unbelievable that they were going to get to see the hottest upcoming band in the U.S.. They wouldn't be going had they not won the tickets in a "call-in" radio contest. They had both been so excited. They wailed and giggled like all the other idiots who win radio contests and that you just want to smack 'em good and hard.
The car pulled to a halt in one of the parking lots for the local amphitheater. Romeo shook Andrea awake, "Time for the concert babe, you dozed off." He said. Andrea blinked a couple of times to clear the sleep out of her eyes and mind, "did I? I'm sorry." She said tiredly. Romeo giggled a little, "come on he said, lets get our seats. Why they decided to have the bloody thing at 4 in the morning, I will never understand." He laughed.
Andrea smiled, "Probably the time zone difference." She said. Romeo looked at her a little strangely. "What!" she demanded.
He just shrugged, "The way that you said that being perfectly serious just blows my mind." He answered, shrugging again.
Andrea just winked and said, "I'm special."
The gates to the theatre were packed with people everywhere, Andrea and Romeo almost had to shove their way through to get into the concert. They had third row seats and it was already noisy there, with all the commotion and everything.
Andrea began to feel uneasy. "What is it honey?" Romeo asked, sensing Andrea's distress. Andrea shrugged, "I dunno... I... I feel; I feel like something very bad will befall us in this place..." she said. Then just shrugged, "Never mind," she said, "I'm just being paranoid. This is my first concert you know." Romeo looked at her, "No, I didn't know that, but, now I do." He said. "Yes, now you do." Replied Andrea.
Andrea and Romeo sat down in their seats talking as soft as they could, which was actually not very soft at all because of all the commotion. Then, the hollering became unbearable and Andrea looked up. The band was coming on stage in a blaze of blinking lights and lasers.
They stood up and clapped and cheered like all of the other fans and they smiled at each other lovingly. The band yelled "Moshi Moshi Minna-San!(Hello everybody)" through the sound system and went right into their first song, a fast paced song having to do something with pocky and otakus.
The song ended sooner than anyone would have liked and the band moved on to one of their slower songs. Andrea was mesmerized by the experience, the screaming fans, the booming music, it was all so great, and her throat was already soar from screaming. Andrea stopped; she was covered in goosebumps, and her heart was racing. She looked at Romeo; he was still gyrating to the music, he hadn't noticed anything; but something had changed. Everything had a darker, dingier look to it. The band even seemed malignant. Andrea tried to shake off this feeling, but it didn't want to release. She blinked and the dankness seemed to increase, she turned to look and all around her the people turned into a moaning mass of half rotted corpses. "No!" her mind screamed and she closed her eyes to ward off the awful sight.
When Andrea opened her eyes, things were "normal" again, the people were people and most of the "darkness" was gone. She felt queasy and a little dizzy, "Honey, I want to leave!" she yelled over the din.
Romeo looked at her strangely, "They haven't even finished their second song!" he yelled back.
Andrea glared at him, "TAKE ME AWAY FROM HERE!" she screamed. And as if that were some cue in an unrehearsed play the darkness came back in an awful inaudible whoosh. She began to get faint, and very dizzy, "Oh god," she whispered, "I'm going to die here with my destiny unfulfilled.
Romeo looked on in horror as Andrea collapsed on the hard stone floor with a sickening "thud." He picked her up in his arms and pushed and shoved (even kicked), his way out of the open-air theater. He sat Andrea on the hood of his car, "Andrea," he said, "wake up baby, come on..."
Andrea blinked and slowly opened her eyes, "Where are we?" she asked frantically.
Romeo smiled, "The parking lot, you fainted."
Andrea sighed in relief, "good." Romeo was about to nod when Andrea almost went into spasms. "What, What about?" Andrea nearly screamed, her eyes bulging, "What about those people? Did you SEE? They were ALL dead... I... The DARKNESS! MAKE IT LEAVE!" Andrea let out a horrible groan that was guttural but at the same time very high pitched. Romeo held Andrea tightly, trying to restrain her; she was shaking to the point where it would be better described as convulsions. "THE PEOPLE!" she screamed.
Then, with the loudest, most deafening boom Romeo had ever heard, the amphitheater exploded.

Part 2

Andrea awoke from her faint in a blaze of white. A strange man was standing over her; he had a "six o'clock shadow" and glasses. "I see You are awake now?" he questioned with a rather thick German accent.
Andrea blinked, "Where in the HELL am I?" she asked groggily. The doctor blinked, for such a pretty face she had a foul mouth. "I do not!" said Andrea indignantly.
The doctor blinked again, "Don't what?" he asked.
Andrea got a confused look on her face, "I... you said... you said I had I foul mouth, I don't." she said uncertainly.
The doctor studied her silently for a moment, had he spoken out loud? "No, of course not." He muttered. "Anyway," he said, taking up his normal business tone, "You may call me Doctor, It suits me well. Now, how are you Miss? You seem to have escaped without much harm."
Andrea blinked, "Huh? Why am I in a hospital anyway? Somehow that didn't seem strange until now..." she looked at the floor, a look of concentration on her face. "The theater exploded... didn't it?"
Doctor nodded, "Yes it did, You survived because you went into the parking lot, some shrapnel would have got you but, Your... Or, who I assume... The boy you were with threw himself in fron-"
"Oh MY GOD! Romeo is he alright?" Andrea yelled frantically.
As if summoned by a silent cue, in came Romeo, his face soot blackened and bandaged around his mid-section. "I'm fine he said, a piece of metal hit me in the back, no serious damage though; Flesh wound, really."
Andrea sighed in relief, "Good... I..." Andrea paused and looked around the room, something... something was not right. She looked at the Doctor. "Oh god..." she whispered.
Romeo stepped to her, "What?" he asked softly.
Andrea was still looking at the doctor, and she was breathing heavily. "Something is not... most certainly, not right." She said through thick breath.
Romeo, remembering a similar phrase being said at the concert said, "Lets go."
Andrea shook her head, "No." she said, "Not yet, Why was there an explosion?" she demanded.
The doctor blinked, "I don't know." He said.
Andrea smiled in a very disturbing manner, "Dirty old man." She giggled, "Dirty old man! YOU KNOW! Now, why was there an explosion?"
The Doctor looked like he had just been slapped, "I don't know where you come from calling me "Dirty Old Man" but, It is not nice and I demand you to stop. And, I assure you young woman I have NO idea why there was an explosi- Young Lady?"
Andrea's eyes had glazed over... "My god," said Romeo, "What happened, and why on earth was she saying those things?"
The doctor shook his head, "She is your beau not mine."
Romeo nodded, shook his head, "Isn't a "beau" a male suitor?"
The doctor shrugged, "Is it?" he asked.
"Shut up Dirty Old Man!"
Both the doctor and Romeo looked at Andrea, puzzled.
"I said SHUT UP! You're NOT TALKING and I CAN HEAR you! SHUT UP!" Andrea let out a shrill shriek, "Shut Up! AM NOT! HE'S NOT! I AM NOT! YOU DIRTY OLD PIG!"
Romeo was looking back and forth between the doctor and Andrea. What was she talking about? She can hear him talking but he's not? Romeo shook his head... The doctor looked to Romeo for explanation but Romeo just shrugged.
The doctor was beginning to look very nervous and muttered something to Romeo about calling hospital security.
Romeo grabbed Andrea; "We're going." He hissed, and pulled her out. He got her all the way to the car, and when he did she began to cry in heartbreaking half-sobs.
"I'm sorry," she said, "So sorry... he wouldn't... wouldn't quit."
Romeo sighed, "He wasn't talking." He said.
Andrea nodded, "I know... but, I couldn't shut him up."
Romeo eyed Andrea over, "I'm taking you home, maybe you'll be better in the morning... I hope so," he said.
Andrea looked indignant, "What do you mean "better" I'm fine thank-you-very-much!" she hissed, but then just started crying and blubbering about not being able to "turn-off" the doctor. Romeo put Andrea into the car and started off.
Romeo and Andrea's parting was an uneventful one. Romeo said, "We're here." Followed by, "call you later, I've got to think."
Andrea just pulled herself out of the car, still sniffling, and walked up to her sister's apartment (4 flights of stairs). Andrea turned the knob; it was locked. "Crap!" she muttered and then started crying again. The door opened and Andrea's sister, Ami, was standing there.

Part 3

Ami shook her head at the sniveling and crying Andrea. Andrea's long black locks hung around hair in long plaits, nearly covering her trembling form, curled into a corner, almost like she was expecting attack.
Ami was a little disheveled just wearing her silk negligee. Her hair was the same jet black as Andrea's but hers was shorter, falling about her shoulders in waves. Ami sighed, "What happened?" she asked tiredly.
Andrea was sobbing and she slowly got up and wrapped her arms around her sister's waist and rested her head on her sister's shoulder. Andrea sobbed and just said, "Oh, Ami... what's wrong with me?"
Ami looked concerned down at her little sister, "What is it Andy? What happened!" she whispered urgently.
Andrea released her sister and wiped her leaking eyes, "Can we go inside first?" Andrea asked.
Ami nodded, "Of course," she said, "how silly of me, you must be frozen... where is your coat?"
Andrea looked puzzled, "I must've..." she said, "I must have lost it at the... in the... Oh, Sis!" and Andrea began to sob again.
Ami petted Andrea's hair lovingly, "It's ok..." she said softly, "Come inside and tell me about it."
Andrea pulled away from Ami and dried her eyes, "Yea..." she said, "Will you make some Cocoa?"
Ami smiled, "Of course, why don't you go slip into something warmer and more comfortable." Ami sighed and watched her little sister walk off towards the bedrooms.
Andrea walked into her little bedroom and frowned, the bed looked so good. She was exhausted, but, she wanted to talk and she owed poor Ami some sort of explanation. She sat on her bed thoughtfully and picked her long flannel nightgown up off of the floor. "This will do," she whispered.
Ami sighed, sitting on her plush couch and sipping her cup of hot cocoa, "I wonder what Andy has gotten herself into now?" Andrea walked in tiredly and plopped down beside Ami she picked up her waiting mug of cocoa.
"Hey Sis," Andrea said, "I've had one hell of a night."
Ami nodded, "I bet." she said, "Tell me about it."
Andrea sighed, "Ok." Andrea related her tale quite vividly, occasionally having to be consoled before going on.
Ami shook her head, "You heard that Doctor... in your head, and he wasn't talking?"
Andrea just looked miserable, "It sounds so unbelievable..."
Ami nodded, "Yea, it sounds unbelievable alright but, you aren't one to spin tales, and I don't see why you would start now. I do find it hard to believe however..."
Andrea grumbled, "Oh! Turn on the news I bet the explosions is on!"
Ami just shook her head, but grabbed the remote anyway and turned on the television. The TV blinked to life and sure enough, the reporter was talking about an explosion.
The reporter smiled and batted her overly blonde hair before beginning, "A very tragic thing has happened tonight at the amphitheater, It exploded. During the Burning Koori performance the amphitheater exploded killing the band and everyone else. The police suspect foul play and already have two suspects. The gate guard was a witness to two teenagers leaving the concert just before the explosion, the description of the car is an older model blue sports car with a t-bar sunroof. The suspects consist of one male and one female ages between 16 and 20 both Caucasian. An estimated two thousand people died in tonight's explosion. What could the motive be to commit such a horrible crime? More news in 20 minutes."
Ami and Andrea stared at the TV in a kind of stupor. Andrea was a suspect but, why?