Silenced Voice

Silence me?
You dare to censor what I say?
How I say it?
Claiming it's protecting me?
Claiming it's protecting others?

How dare you!
How dare you say I cannot speak?
The words I want to say
The words others should hear
You say you protect us
From what?
From the controversial words?
The issues we see and hear about every day?

Why are you protecting us?
Are you denying my right to know?
Are you denying that it exists?
Are you denying what you know is true?

You can't silence me
I have a voice
I must be heard
I must be understood
Taken out of context
That's what you did
You took what I said
The words I wanted to say
And twisted them
Twisted them to a point
Where I couldn't take it anymore

You took my voice
Saying it was wrong to speak
Saying it was wrong to think
Saying it was wrong to act

You took my voice
Did you even ask how I felt?
Did you ask why I did it?
No, you just did it.

I can't be silenced
Not when what I say is important
Not when a message exists for all to read
Not when I worked so hard
Worked so hard
For everyone to see it!
How dare you!

Who do you protect?
Why do you protect?
Why don't you want to talk about it?
I know it exists
You know it exists
You deny me my right
My right to speak out
My right to give a message

You think you won?
You think I was silenced?
You think that it's over?
You think you have control?
You think you won?

One battle, in a war
Over the right to speak
To have your voice heard
You won one battle
But I still fight
I still fight!
It will NEVER happen again!
My voice will be heard
My voice will cry out
People will hear me
People will listen!

I am an actor
I am a writer
I will not be silenced!
You can't silence me
People will hear me!
It will never happen again
I will not be censored again
You will not be allowed
To do that again!
That is my vow
That is my promise
~Dedicated to the cast and crew
~Of A Bird of Prey