I work so hard to live up to what you want,
But it's never enough, is it?
I try to be the perfect daughter,
But you're never satisfied.
I ruin my eyes for you,
But you expect me to do better.
I obey you so much more than you think,
But all you do is criticize,
Never an encouraging word.
I play piano to the point where moving my fingers is painful,
But you refuse to let me stop.
I do the best I can,
But it's not good enough for you, is it?
I get third at nationals,
But you expect a first.
I make straight A's,
But you think it is nothing,
And want straight A+'s.
I watch other children play outside,
While I'm a prisoner in my own house,
Slaving away over homework,
In an attempt to be the best for you.
You set up my life like you want it.
And you expect me to live it out perfectly,
Until I don't know what I want anymore.
Nothing I do is good enough,
There's always something to criticize,
Always room for a discouraging word.
There's never enough time to spend with me,
But always enough to compare me with others,
And to find me lacking.
You never take my side,
Always someone else's.
You pretend you understand me,
But you don't know the first thing about me.
And yet, I always crawl back like a whipped dog,
Hoping that someday,
You'll tell me that I did the right thing,
That you're proud of me.
You'll tell me that I was the best daughter that you could hope for.
But will that day come?
Is it pointless to wait?
Sometimes I wonder if I should just end it,
But I can't.
I'm too afraid to disappoint you.
So I turn to God and my friends for comfort.
They're always there for me,
They have no expectations.
They love me for just being me,
To them, that's enough.

Author's Note: Yeah.I wrote this poem when I was mad at my mom. I guess
I'm too much of a pacifist. Oh well. I'm sure all you peoples out there
know how I'm feeling. So no more needs to be said.