(A/N: okay I should explain why I wrote this. You see my English teacher
decided that I should be entered in a writing competition (I know she isn't
that smart when it comes to that) So without knowing I was selected to
write a poem about the war and since I did not know about this I had to
make it up on the spot...not that good of a thing for me. So here is my
poem be it bad or good it's being sent to a competition so I hope you

Sweet Melodies

Cold whispers on the wind,
A song is sung
Of sadness and remorse.

Alone you lay
Within your grave,
For once you fought
For life and liberty

Blood stained hands, and
Silent tears are
All we see.

A life was lost
And now it's gone,
Names are lost,
But never so are the
Faces etched into the sky.

The life we love
And what we see,
We owe it all
To thee.

You gave your life,
To sing this song
Your voice raised high.
A beckon,
You remain,
You fought and died
For us,
And for this
We remember.