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I came home from school scowling, which wasn't exactly unusual for me. My mom had on one of those sugar sweet smiles for me. The one that clearly expressed that some news I would find extremely unpleasant was about to come.

"Sweetie, you look upset," her smile widened, and boy did she look horrifying. "You know I'm thinking about sending you to theeeerapy," dripping the syllable off her tongue slowly.

"Whatever for," I asked.

"Anger management."

I stared at her one eye brow raised. Anger management? I am not an angry person. I just happen to be more angry then an average person. So who needs anger therapy. Not like they will take me. The last physiatrist I went to, she ended up running out of her room crying. Shrugging I walked past her, up to our house, we had out friendly little conversation to fool the neighbors that we were a happy little family. Now we can go back to our normal lives, ignoring each other.

God I felt depressed, I hated change, everything about it. My best friend from last year hardly gives me a second glance. Not that I don't have any friends its just, we were so close, I thought it would be one of those forever things. It wasn't. Elana, for that was her name, had moved on, her friends were much more popular then we ever were. She didn't used to be "cool," she talked about it often, the concept of "coolness," it always depressed me.

Her "cool" friends are all my old friends, I introduced them to each other. We sort of had a big fight, not Elana and me, but my old friends. I told one of them, Jen, that she was an idiot. It wasn't my fault she couldn't understand why the guy she stalked didn't like her. Well lets see, you know what he's had for lunch for the past week, you make all your friends tell him how cool you are, and you spent an hour walking around his block wondering why he hasn't come out for his 5 o'clock dog walk. When I said that Jen stalked this kid, she REALLY stalked him, and she was stupid enough and go up and tell him how obsessed she was. All hail stupidity. After that we slowly stopped being so close, and Elana took my place. Soon my only connection to that group was through Elana.

The next year me and Elana had no classes together. We smiled and said hi to each other in the halls, but that was it. The year after that, we didn't even acknowledge each others presence. She went to one group full of gossip and popularity; you would hardly be able to tell her from the girl I used to know. I went to another group, I also changed, but because it was who I was, not who my group expected me to be. I guess I'm a little bit jealous, but I really do miss her.

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