Chapter one: There'll never be goodbye

Arugane glanced out the window onto the snow-covered grounds. His glasses on the tip of his nose, he sighed deeply. He was a fire spirit that looked like a man to everyone else. How could he ever tell anyone? Especially in this city, for the past hundreds of years Tokyo had a habit of attracting malevolent forces. Why this happens he did not know and neither understood. He knew there were other spirits out there in this big city, and if for some reason he did manage to find them, there is still very much for them to learn. Like why were they here, who put them here, and why were they made this way?

"I guess after today there's no turning back." he said as he sighed. He grabbed his backpack and put his pistol in its holster. He glared at himself in the mirror one last time, glaring at his fire red hair, and his hell fire eyes. He adjusted his glasses and put the sunglasses clip over the frame. He strolled down to the lobby of the hotel, pulled out his wallet, and paid the bill. When he left the building it was freezing cold, of course he really didn't even feel it. After all he was a fire spirit, he took a cigarette out of his backpack, he carefully lit it with his finger so that no one noticed. He breathed out smoke from his nose, and started to walk off into the big city known as Tokyo.

Chapter two: Makimono, the spirit of wind

Makimono stared up to the night sky, snow falling onto her tanned face, and her aquamarine eyes glaring onto the street as the cars quickly passed on the street. She jumped from the branch that she was sitting on; she then brushed the snow from her blue hair. She used her powers to blow fierce wisping wind. She noticed a figure standing near the entrance of the park; she didn't know that it was Arugane, still puffing his cigarette. He slowly walked up to Makimono. "I can sense that you are an elemental spirit, like me. Are you not the one spirit who can control the power of the wind?" he asked, she replied in a snotty voice, "Well...what if I am, why do you care?" "Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Arugane. I am the spirit of fire, I believe that there are others in this city just like us." Makimono fell silent, "So why do you want to find them?" she asked. " There is a prophecy that says once every two hundred years every elemental spirit will come and join with the others to heal and clean the Earth of its sins. But with this comes a great deal, we must never love any human, and must vow to only love other spirits." once again there was silence between them, Makimono looking down at her feet, "what happens if we should love a human?" she asked. " The punishment is beyond comprehension." "What if we refuse to join with the others?" she asked, " you don't have a choice, you will come, either by free will or from being forced as a spirit. No matter what you do you will join with the others. So you can either come with me now or your existence of being a spirit will force you to come to the ceremony, and you will help us heal the Earth of its sins." "I'll go with you but only for the ceremony, you got that." she said. "Fine then follow me, now we need to find the others to inform them." he replied as he pulled another cigarette out of his backpack and lit it with his finger as they walked out of the park to find the others.

Chapter three: Sharugane the spirit of darkness

"So who do we find next?" Makimono asked Arugane, "Well, oh man how could I have forgotten him!" he said energetically. "Forgotten who?" Makimono asked him. "My brother Sharugane, how could I be so stupid. He's a spirit too. How could I forget? He controls darkness." "So where can we find him?" she asked, "Actually, I don't really know where he is, anyway we haven't spoken in 15 years. Wait, maybe we can find him at The Black Quill, he always wanted to be a poet when he was my age, but he never got accepted into a good enough college because his grades were too low. The Black Quill is a night club that allows poetry reading, no doubt he'll be there." he said "Taxi." he called and they both got into the cab. "Where to sir and miss?" the driver asked, "The Black Quill please. We're both heading there." he said. The driver sped off down the street to The Black Quill. When they arrived Arugane paid the driver, and started to walk into The Black Quill, but the guard at the front said, "Hey wimp, where you think you goin'?" he said, "I'm going into The Black Quill, don't interfere human." "Oh, so the little punk has an attitude." he said as he cracked his knuckles, he tried to punch Arugane, but Arugane just grabbed the guard's hand and squeezed his hand until he heard cracking, "OK OK, you can go in, just let go of my hand." he whimpered, "Hmpf, wus." Arugane said in a cocky voice as he entered The Black Quill. They went to the bar, "What can I get ya son?" the bartender asked "First, I'm not a kid, I'm 23 years old, and second, do you know anyone named Sharugane who comes in here to read poetry?" he said, "Now look you littl..." the bar tender began to say, but he stopped because Arugane was giving him a death glare with his hell fire eyes, "Ughhh, yeah I know 'im, what do you want with him?" he asked still staring at Arugane's eyes, "That's none of your business, just tell me where I can find him." he demanded. "He's righ' there on stage." "Thanks." Arugane said as he adjusted his glasses and putting the sunglasses clip back on the frame. He walked up to the stage and stared his brother in the eye. "Sharugane, come with me." he said pulling him off of the stage. "Yo man what the hell is your problem?" he asked, "Do you remember me?" he asked the dark haired dark eyed man standing in front of him taking his glasses off his face. "Are you Arugane?" he asked "Yes, I'm your brother. We haven't spoken in 15 years since we were 8 when our parents broke up. Remember me now?" he asked again, "Yeah, I remember, I left with mom when our house almost burnt down. She blamed dad because he smoked a lot." "Yes that is true except for the fact that it was me that caused the fire, I didn't realize it back then but I'm a fire spirit and you are the spirit that can control darkness. C'mon, let's take a walk. Come on Makimono, we're leaving." he called for her as she followed Arugane and Sharugane out of The Black Quill. Arugane once again took a cigarette out of his backpack and lit it with his finger and started puffing it. They walked down to a diner, walked in, took a booth, and they all ordered some coffee. "So why are you and that girl looking for me?" Sharugane asked. Arugane put out his cigarette in the ashtray, "The reason we are looking for you is because that we know something about you that you didn't even know about until a little while ago. Do you find that sometimes when you're sad that it seems to get darker around you or when you're angry darkness seems to literally flow through your body. That is because your power is doing it to you." Arugane told Sharugane everything about the prophecy, the spirits, and the ceremony.

Chapter four: Mai the mistress of lightning

Mai stared out of her office window, looking down onto the ground. She had yellow eyes, and blonde hair. Her call box made static noise, 'Mai, you have three visitors here to see you' "Send them in." she said as she pressed the button to answer. Three people strolled into her office, Makimono, Arugane, and Sharugane. "Oh my God, Sharugane, Arugane is that really you?" she asked getting up and hugging both of them. "Why are you guys here?" she asked. All three of them looked at her sternly, Arugane finally broke the silence, "We are all elemental spirits, I am the spirit of fire, Makimono over there is the spirit of the wind, and Sharugane is the spirit of darkness. I sense that you are the spirit of lightning, whenever you were angry in the past you felt lightning surrounding you?" he asked. "Well, yeah, sometimes when I was angry or sad it felt like there was lightning surrounding my presence, like it was trying to comfort me." all of them fell silent, "Then I should tell you the prophecy. Every two hundred years all of the elemental spirits will join and clean the Earth of its sins, don't bother saying "what if I don't want to come." you will come whether you want to or not, you will be forced by your spirit instinct. You must never fall in love with a human, it is against the prophecy, and if you do fall in love with a human then the punishment is beyond comprehension." Mai was awe struck at what Arugane had just said. "Will you come with us or not?" he said. "I guess I have no choice." she pushed her call button, "Ms. Jinny, cancel all my meetings for the next two weeks, I need to go somewhere on business." 'Of course Mai' the box said back. All of them walked out of the office building where a figure watched their every movement, he jump off of the top of the building and landed in front of them.

Chapter five: A new friend

He had fire red hair that went down to the middle of his back, brown eyes, what looked like dog ears, and a very evil expression on his face. Arugane put his hands on top of each and pulled them up to reveal a fireball the size of his fist. The stranger finally said, "Put that thing away kid I'm not gonna hurt ya." Arugane closed his hands together and the fireball disappeared. "My name is Heburu, I've come to find you Arugane spirit of the fire. I don't know why but someone told me to find you." "Who?" Arugane asked, "I don't really know who it was, but he said that since I was a dog demon and had a very good sense of smell to help you find the others for the ceremony. So can you trust me?" he said extending his hand. Arugane extended his hand and shook Heburu's hand.

Chapter six: Kotatsu master of water

Arugane, Sharugane, Makimono, and Mai followed Heburu to a place in downtown Tokyo they had never heard of a place called Kotatsu's Dojo. They all entered to see that it was a martial arts studio, guessing that the sensei's name was Kotatsu. A figure appeared from out of a back room, he had light blue hair and sky blue eyes. "Welcome to Kotatsu's Dojo." he said as he bowed his head, they bowed back as not to insult the tradition of Japanese culture. Arugane walked up to Kotatsu and said, "We need to talk to you privately." they followed him into a back room. He led them into his office, "Please take a seat, sake any one?" he asked only Arugane and Sharugane took a small cup. "You must close your dojo for a couple of weeks, we need you to come with us." Kotatsu stared at them in confusion, "What do you mean close my dojo for a couple of weeks! I have students who come here to learn how to defend themselves. What could be more important than that?!" questioning Arugane as he lit a cigarette from his backpack, "Trust us this is way more important than your students, what element is he Heburu?" he said looking at Heburu. Heburu began to sniff his hair, "Smells like...he's the water spirit" he said turning back Arugane who was continuing to puff his cigarette as Kotatsu had finally noticed. He reached out and touched the end of Arugane's cigarette and it hissed and went out, "No smoking in my dojo." he said firmly, they all said in unison "He's the one." "I'm the what?" he asked "Look we're not here to hurt you or your students it would be against the code of spirits, we must never harm a human unless assaulted by one, nor are we to harm other spirits unless assaulted by them, understood." he said firmly. They all nodded in agreement, "Now let's cut the crap and get out of here." he said angrily. Kotatsu walked out of his office and interrupted the students, "Excuse me class, today's lesson has been canceled I'm so sorry to tell you this but I need to close the dojo for a couple of weeks to go on a business trip, so you can all go home." the students exited the dojo and Kotatsu close up to leave with Arugane and the others.

Chapter seven: Yoshiro gentle spirit of the ice

A girl about the age of 17 sat innocently on a park bench as she fed the birds bread crumbs, her innocent navy blue eyes, and her robin egg blue hair, so smooth and silky as it whipped in the wind. Heburu leading Arugane and the others to the park, "You better be right Heburu."Arugane said puffing his cigarette, "Don't worry my nose has never betrayed me yet." he said continuing to sniff the air around him. The girl looked at them, "Hmm, can I help you?" she asked turning around and staring at Arugane. "Yes you can miss, first tell us your name." he asked politely, "My name is Yoshiro, why do you want to know?" she replied. "Everyone you see here except Heburu is an elemental spirit, I'm Arugane the spirit of fire, Makimono is the spirit of wind, Mai is the spirit of lightning, Sharugane is the spirit of darkness, and Kotatsu is the spirit of water. As we can tell you are the spirit of ice. We're here to tell you about a prophecy, once every two hundred years all of the elemental spirits will join for a ceremony to clean the Earth of its sins. If you choose not to come with us we respect your decision, but the fact that you are a elemental spirit will force you to come, so it's really better if you come with us now." it only took her a few seconds to decide, she nodded got up and joined them as they made their way to the exit of the park Yoshiro asked Arugane in a whisper, "So what is Heburu?" he replied back in a soft voice, " He's a dog demon, can't you see the ears." he said as he pointed to Heburu's head, "You don't have to whisper I can hear you well enough." Heburu said in a some what annoyed voice, they remained silent until Makimono broke the silence, "Does anyone know any good hotels?" she asked, "First I think that we need to get some weapons don't you think, then we can look for a hotel." Arugane said still puffing his cigarette, "Whoa whoa don't you think that it's a bit extreme?" Sharugane asked. "No not at all, there's a high chance that the government will be looking for us if we use our powers in public, so that's the reason we need some weapons. Nothin' fancy just some plain ol' 9mm pistols. I've already got one." he said pulling open his jacket to reveal a shoulder holster with a 9mm pistol in it. Later that night they found a nice hotel stay in, Makimono, Yoshiro, and Mai stayed in the same room together as Arugane, Sharugane, Kotatsu, and Heburu did the same.

Chapter eight: Conversations in the hot springs

Before they went to bed they went down to the hot spring the hotel had, it was good thing that they had went shopping earlier before they went to the hotel to get some extra clothes. Mai, Makimono, Yoshiro, Arugane, Sharugane, Kotatsu, and Heburu went to the separate springs. After Yoshiro slipped into the spring Mai asked, "So did you know that you had the power to control ice before Arugane explained it to you?" "Yes I did, but I just ignored the fact that I had that power." she said as she laid back and sighed with content as the spring calmed her soul.

Arugane was staring up at the ceiling completely ignoring the heat and comfort of the hot spring, he seemed like he was in a trance until Sharugane snapped him out of it, "Arugane, come on, is there something wrong. You can tell us, you're among friends." Arugane lost his concentration on the ceiling to Sharugane; "It's nothing, really." he lied. "Oh no it isn't, I can sense that you're lying to us." Heburu said as the others nodded in agreement, Arugane just tilted his head and barely blushed still saying, "It's nothing." in a more annoyed sounding voice, "I'm going to bed." he said as he got out, dressed himself, and went back to the room. Makimono heard Arugane get out of the spring and decided to do the same and follow him.

When Arugane got to his room, he turned around to see Makimono behind him as she followed him into the room. He once again turned around to face Makimono, she asked in a concerned voice, "Are you all right?" he turned away from her but she pulled his arm forcing him to face her as she stared into his crimson eyes, "We...well.'s just that when I look at you I see and feel a different way than I feel in everyday life. Almost like I was in love." he said blushing slightly, she took his hand and stared back into his eyes as their faces slowly moved closer, until their lips closed the gap as they shared a passionate kiss until they separated to gasp for air. Arugane came behind her and put his arms around Makimono's waist as they walked over and lay down in Arugane's bed.

Later that night Kotatsu, Sharugane, and Heburu quietly walked into their room not surprised to see that the lights were off, but Heburu said in a whisper, "There's someone else in here besides us. I smell..." as he sniffed the air he smirked, "So that's why Arugane was acting weird at the hot spring. Makimono is in here, she's over there laying next to Arugane with his arms around her waist." soon there was a soft knock on the door, it was Mai and Yoshiro. Yoshiro asked in a soft voice, "Is Makimono in there?" "Shh, the lovers are asleep." Heburu said as he let Yoshiro look inside the room noticing Arugane lying with his arms around Makimono. Yoshiro smiled as she and Mai went to their rooms. Sharugane closed the door as Heburu settled in a corner with legs and his arms crossed while Sharugane and Kotatsu lay down in the remaining two beds in the room.

Chapter nine: Netsuko the pure spirit of the light

Arugane awoke early the next morning his arms around Makimono's waist there cheeks touching each others as Arugane looked at her tanned face gently stroking wisps of her hair from her face as her chest rose and fell with every breath she took. He couldn't help but smile as he stroked her hair. She stirred, turning over getting herself lost in his crimson eyes as they shared a gentle and passionate kiss, as Arugane himself got lost into Makimono's aquamarine eyes. Shortly later the others woke up they all took showers and got dressed as they continued their hunt to find the other elemental spirits.

Meanwhile a woman looking at about the age of 19 was staring at Heburu and the others as they exited the hotel, until Heburu looked up at her window and alerted the others. "Come on you guys, we have to get back in there." "Why?" asked Sharugane, "Because there's a spirit in there, the spirit of the light." they all hurried up to the seventh floor to room 225 as they knocked on the door. A woman with angel white hair and pale eyes opened the door, "May we come in?" asked Arugane, "Sure, let me make myself decent." she said as she closed the door putting on a bathrobe. She opened the door and let them in, they walked in and sat down in the chairs that were provided, Makimono still holding Arugane's hand, "What do you want with me?" she asked them, "We are all spirits as we can sense that you are." Arugane explained everything that he had told the others. "Well, if I must I will join you in finding the others." as they exited the hotel another figure stared at them, he spoke into what seemed to be a two way radio, "Yes sir everything is going all according to plan he has done well to keep his cover this whole time." he spoke into it as he smirked an evil smirk

Chapter ten: Kasu the troublesome spirit of Earth

Kasu sat back against the wall outside the drug store as stared at the clouds drifting through the sky as snow continued to fall. He got up and strolled over to the Matsiko River, which was the only body of water in the city that wasn't frozen. He gazed at the reflection of his brown hair and eyes as he heard footsteps coming closer behind him. He quickly he spun around to face them preparing to fight. "Don't worry son we're not gonna hurt ya." Arugane said as he lit a cigarette from his backpack with his finger as he always did. "Hey how did you do that?" he asked Arugane, "The question is not how I did it, but the real question is do you trust us?" he said as Kasu tried to punch him as Arugane grabbed his fist, "What the hell are you?" Kasu yelled angrily trying to break free from Arugane's death grip, "First, don't ever curse in front of a lady again, second, you are an elemental spirit that can control the element of Earth, and third, answer my question, do you trust us?" he said in a stern voice, "I'll tell you if you let go of my hand first because I think I'm hearing a cracking sound coming from it." he demanded. Arugane let his hand go, "I do trust you, but now you must answer one of my questions. Who are you?" he asked Arugane, "Like I said we are all elemental spirits that as you can guess can control the elements except for Heburu." he said pointing at the dog demon that traveled with them, "I'm Arugane, that's Makimono, Mai, my brother Sharugane, Kotatsu, Yoshiro, and Netsuko." he said pointing to everyone as he said there names. He finally told them his name, "My name Kasu and I'm 17 years old." he told Arugane as he shook his hand.

Chapter eleven: The betrayal

"This is great now that we're all here, we're ready for the ceremony. The ceremony will start tomorrow afternoon at three. Everyone got that?" he asked them, they all nodded. As the sun began to set off into the horizon they heard and announcement "THE FIREWORKS WILL START SOON." the PA said as they entered the park as they found a perfect spot, Makimono sat next to Arugane as he put his arm over her shoulder. Makimono laid her head down on Arugane's shoulder as they stared at they stared at the fireworks. Makimono sat up and Arugane took his hand off of her shoulder. She then felt a hand over her mouth as she let out a small scream as she was pulled away from Arugane, Arugane turned around and drew his pistol from his holster and turned around to see a man in black clothes holding Makimono's mouth so that she didn't scream, "Who are you!?" he yelled as pointed his pistol at the man as did Sharugane, Kotatsu, Heburu and Mai. The man finally spoke, "Go ahead shoot me in the dark at the risk of hitting your little girlfriend." no soon after he said that Arugane's hand turned a bright red, he was using his power to show light to where Makimono and the man in black were, he prepared to fire, but he held back as he felt a barrel of a pistol being pushed against his head. Heburu was behind Arugane pointing his pistol at Arugane's skull, "Arugane, all of you put down your weapons unless you want Arugane and Makimono dead." they all threw their weapons to the ground, "Heburu you back stabbing bastard, how could you do this to us?" he questioned as he put his hands up in the air, "We've been looking for you for some time now, I'm in with the government, when I found out about the prophecy I knew that you spirits would be wandering around Tokyo looking for the others, I just helped with that and made it happen faster." "What are you going to do with me and the others?" Arugane asked "We're going to take you to a private government facility until we come with a plan to attack the Americans and make them pay for what they did to us back in 1942." "We brought that upon ourselves, we attacked them first." Arugane yelled at Heburu, "That was because they were too scared to get involved, they thought that they were all high and mighty. But then they came back and attacked us with an even more powerful force than we had ever imagined." while in the back Mai whispered into Sharugane's ear, "Quick Sharugane while they're distracted, get out of here you're the farthest away from them. Hurry." Sharugane began to back up, and soon he was sprinting to find a police officer, but no sooner had he run of there was a gunshot. The man in black that was holding Makimono had pulled out a pistol and shot Sharugane before he was too far away. When they looked back Sharugane was lying on the ground dead. Mai burst out into tears, "NO YOU BASTARD." she said continuing to sob uncontrollably as she ran to his side and lifted his head, "NO, SHARUGANE PLEASE COME BACK!" as she leaned closer and kissed him gently. She finally admitted that he was dead, and went back to the others as snow began to fall. "Now if you would kindly follow us we have a ride waiting for you." he looked at the man in black and said, "Tell someone to get a body bag out here and get this body." "Yes sir." he said as he talked into his two way radio a few minutes later medics arrived and got the body as Heburu handcuffed everyone and put them in the back of a black van and drove off. While they were sitting in the car Makimono put her head on Arugane's shoulder as she whispered into his ear, "You know they're going to kill us." she whispered as he leaned to her ear and whispered back, "Too bad, because I was going to propose tonight after the fire work show when we got back to the hotel we were staying in. What would you have said?" he asked her, "Yes." she whispered softly back in his ear. They soon felt something hit them in the back of the head and soon they blacked out.

Arugane awoke several hours later in a white room with Kotatsu and Kasu sitting in a corner, they weren't handcuffed anymore, he felt like he was in the nut house except he didn't have a straight jacket on him. "Where are we?" he asked them, the were all silent until Kasu said something, " Where do you think we are? We're in a private government facility." Arugane was furious as he went and slammed his hand on the door trying to break it off of its hinges. Arugane then lit his hands red until he smacked the door and it broke off.

Chapter twelve: The breakout

As soon as it was off of its hinges the ran out to find the others, as they passed another room they someone yelling in the room and banging on the walls, they looked inside to see Heburu, "Oh thank God, Arugane can you get me out of here?" he begged, "Why should we? You betrayed us and got Sharugane killed." "I had no idea that they would kill anyone, I thought that they needed all of you, but I was wrong and now they betrayed me and locked me in here, so please can you get me out?" it only took Arugane a few minutes to decide, he began to light his hands until they were a bright red and said to Heburu, "Stand back!" as he punched the door until it fell down. "Come one let's find Yoshiro, Makimono, Mai, and Netsuko. Let's go Heburu we're going to need your nose to find them."

Makimono was pounding her hand on the door screaming at he top of her lungs for them to let her out of that room until Mai calmed her down, "Makimono, calm down, I'm sure Arugane and the others broke out and are trying to find us now as we speak." soon they heard a loud crash coming from down the hall as she saw two guards fly by the door as she looked out the window and saw Arugane and the others running down the hall as he broke the door down. As soon as the door was broken down Makimono ran up to Arugane and hugged him tightly as Heburu walked in and told them, "Come on we need to movi.." before he could finish his sentence Mai had run up to him and punched him in the face "That was for Sharugane. How come you didn't try to stop that guy from killing Sharugane?" Mai asked loudly at Heburu, "I didn't know that they would actually fire at him, I thought that they needed all of you guys, but I was wrong." they ran out of the room the man that had shot Sharugane at the park was standing in front of them with a pistol pointing at them. "Where's Sharugane's body?" Arugane asked making a fireball with his hands as he did that day when they met Heburu ready to fire it. "The body's in the infirmary, but to get to the infirmary you have to get through me first." as he tried to shoot Arugane but he dodged it and shot his fire ball at the man hitting him right in the face melting it on impact.

Arugane walked up next to the body and picked up his pistol in his right hand. "Come on follow me." Heburu said as he ran down the hall to a black door, Arugane shot the lock and pushed the door open, guards got in their way with pistols pointing them at Heburu as Arugane shot them, the approached a table with a body bag on it. "So is it him Heburu?" Arugane asked as Heburu sniffed the body bag, "This is him, come on let's hurry up and get the hell out of here." as he picked up the body bag while Arugane stayed behind and left a bomb set with a detonator. when they were out of the facility there was an explosion as they all fell to the ground. "God, I need a smoke." Arugane said as he helped Makimono to her feet, his glasses were cracked on the right lens as she hugged him and said softly, "I think you need to quit." as she kissed him gently. Heburu walked over to Arugane and said, "How are we going to perform the ceremony now we don't have every spirit?" he asked as Arugane noticed that Heburu was changing, his dog ears disappeared, his hair and his eyes turned black, "Heburu I don't think that we'll have a problem." he replied pointing at him, "You should look at yourself in a mirror and see what I'm talking about." he told Heburu as he looked at himself in the window of a car, "What...what happened to my ears and my hair and my eyes?" "I think that you were given a second chance." Arugane said walking up to Heburu, "Come on its getting late, we have to get to a hotel so that we can get some sleep." they walked up to a hotel. They stayed in three rooms, Kasu, Kotatsu, and Heburu staying in one room. Mai, Yoshiro, and Netsuko staying in another and Arugane and Makimono staying in one alone.

Arugane was sitting in his room as he waited for Makimono to finish brushing her teeth, when she came out Arugane got up and walked over to her and put his hands around her waist, and kissed he neck and said softly in her ear, "Will you marry me." kissing her neck again, "I will." she said softly back him as they laid down in their bed while Arugane took his glasses off his face.

Chapter thirteen: The ceremony

Everyone awoke the next day at one, when they saw the time, they all hurried and got dressed to prepare for the ceremony. They all split up to do separate things, Makimono and Arugane went to get things set for their wedding and Arugane choose a ring to give to Makimono, Mai went to work that day, Kotatsu went to the park to clear his head, Netsuko went to The Black Quill to hear poetry, Yoshiro and Kasu went on a tour of Tokyo, and Heburu went the park and sat in a tree thinking at what he had done to the others.

At three they gathered at the park and stood in a circle as a bright light shown down on them. They stared at the sky as they felt their spiritual energy flow through them. The ceremony was over in a few minutes. When it was over they all felt drained, everyone was silent until Heburu spoke, "I would like it if everyone met me here tonight I have to show you the secret of our powers." they all nodded in agreement.

Chapter fourteen: The secret of their powers

That night Arugane and the others met Heburu for them to see the secret of their powers, "Good you all came, now as I was saying earlier there is a secret to our powers that I discovered before the ceremony." soon his left hand was covered by darkness and a sword appeared in his hand. "This is the secret of our power, Arugane take your left hand and thing of fire flowing through you." Arugane did as he was told he focused on his left hand and felt fire running through his veins until his hand was surrounded by fire and a sword of fire appeared in his hand. Soon everyone was doing the same thing, they had now discovered the full potential of their powers. A few days later Sharugane was buried in Toganashi Park. Chapter fifteen: 5 years later

After the ceremony everyone went their separate ways, as everyone guessed five months after they split up Arugane and Makimono were married today they have two twins who are 4-years-old. Kotatsu opened his dojo once again, a few days after he had opened the doors to his dojo a man walked in trying to rob him, Kotatsu refused to give in to his demands and he was shot, he was rushed to a nearby hospital and died a few hours later. Mai returned to her work and took Netsuko as her apprentice, shortly three years later she was diagnosed with cancer and died a year later, leaving Netsuko to take over Mai's company and became a multi-millionaire. Kasu and Yoshiro started going out with each other until they were eighteen when they got married, now they have a 4-year-old son. As for Heburu, he began to wander around Tokyo doing odd jobs to make ends meat, no one ever saw him again.