Author's Note: I was watching the lunar eclipse and I was saddened that I couldn't see the stars. That is what inspired me to write this short story.

Millions of years ago, when the Earth was young, life abounded on her surface. The air was crisp and clear. Fields of grass grew and danced to the lullaby of the wind. Giant, dense, forests covered the land, filled with chattering animals. The stars twinkled brightly in the sky, and the world was a peace.
Then her children came. In the name of industry, they destroyed their mother. They tore her body open to draw out the very material that flowed through her veins, all for money. They cut down her trees and drove thousands of animals into extinction. They polluted her air, filling it with hundreds of toxic chemicals. Contaminating her surroundings so that the very stars that used to wink at them in their youth now hide their faces behind a cloud of smoke. Now the sporadic lights of planes are the only things left to remind them of the once glorious sight of the stars. And yet they still try to reach their old friends. But now, it is no longer a desire to marvel at God's works, it is a craving to find new places to demolish. They destroyed the landscape, killing the wildlife, driving thousands of animals from their homes, and destroying the very face of their mother. All this devastation for what purpose? It was so they could build rude, stark structures, made of dull concrete and steel.
The Earth weeps, but they are too caught up looking to the "future" that they do not hear her. She weeps, not for herself, but for her children. She knows that they have been blinded by their desire for luxury. In their attempt to find an easier life, they don't realize that they will have no life if the Earth, their mother and home, dies. The Earth fears that when her vagrant children realize this, it will be too late.