Mary was very very pretty. She had a pretty face. She had pretty hair. She was just so pretty. Her hair was long and swirly. All the boys liked her hair. They smelled her hair. He said that he wants a piece of her hair. She said Ok. So She got a pair of green scissors and cut a piece off for him. So he said thank you. She said your welcome. So then he kissed her. She kissed him back. He kissed her again. She kissed him again. They kissed and kissed and kissed and kissed until a stork came and dropped a baby on the floor. Mary screamed. It was amazing. She became a mommy. The boy was happy too, but he didn't want to be a daddy. So he ran away. Mary was sad. So she cried. She cried tears of sadness. she cried until she died. Then the baby was all alone. So he died too.