Chapter one: The hanyou

The war had raged on for six generations, a war between the humans and the demons. The leaders of man were finally defeated, and the once peaceful planet known as Earth was taken over by the demons. Still, a few renegades of Earth's military and a few rebels were now plunged into a war with demons and trying to restore the once peaceful planet back to its original state. By the year 2077, the war took a turn for the worst; a human renegade and a demon came together to make the first of a new breed. The breed was called the hanyou; a demon in the form of a human with demonic powers was born. The newly formed hanyou, now a neutral, fights this war.

The hanyou stood in the middle of a blood-covered street, human and demon corpses let off a foul stink in the air. It had been a heavy burden on the hanyou Niriku. He despised demons, for they were the ones who killed his mother and he also despised the humans for killing his father. He paused, looking up towards the sky, his eyes soon filled with tears remembering what both races had done to his family. "I must choose, who will I join? How can I choose, both races killed my family." he said to himself, soon his dog ears pointed up, he turned his head and ran south until he came to an ally, he had heard a human scream a blood curling scream. Niriku turned into the ally with a pistol pointed in front of him. He saw a human's chest being devoured by a bloodthirsty demon. The demon looked up to see Niriku standing at the end of the ally, his fangs dripping with human blood and human flesh staring at Niriku with pale white eyes. Niriku was instantly noticed, every human and demon was looking for him, "Kill the hanyou!" the demon yelled as lunged for Niriku. All Niriku did was stare at the ground, he lifted his head with a wine bottle full of holy water, Niriku thrust it forward as the demon's head crashed into the bottle and shattered it on his skull. No sooner had the demon broken the bottle, the demon was on the ground gripping his throat, coughing wads of blood from his mouth. The demon's flesh soon began to dissolve. All the beast did was snarl and hiss at his killer as he was dissolved into a puddle of blood with a skeleton lying in it. The human was dead, blood was gushing out of the gash on the human's chest. Niriku gave a heavy sigh as he continued walking down the ally. The clouds soon turned a dark shade of gray, which soon turned to a heavy storm and water streamed down his hazel eyes and his long black hair getting soaked. He slowly began to walk to his home with water splashing as he took each step until he came a rusted military van in a junkyard buried in the ground. Niriku knocked three times, after he saw someone coming to the door of the van and opened it. Niriku walked down the stone steps into an underground facility with humans and demons working side-by-side.

Chapter two: Underground center

After three long years Niriku convinced some humans and demons that thought that the war was just ridiculous, so they formed an underground station to basically help humans regain control of the planet and try to negotiate a truce between the two species. "Welcome back Niriku." said Niriku's advisor Jet, "Hey Jet, can I see you in my office for a minute?" he asked, "Of course." Jet replied as he followed Niriku to his office. In Niriku's office Niriku sat down at his desk, "Jet we need to find others who will join us, yes there is a lot of us but not enough." "Well sir this city is almost dead empty, there are no other survivors in this city. If I may make a suggestion, but why don't we move to another city and find others there or at least some of our troops to the next city to find others." Jet replied. Niriku stood up and said, "Thank you, that is a perfect plan, tomorrow I will lead a squad of six of our best officers and head for the next city." Niriku left his office to tell his best officers the news.

The next day Niriku, Jet, Trigger, Lucifer, Jable, and Naomy left for the next city which used to be the most crowded city of Las Angles, now just a graveyard. They walked down the main street with their newest weapon, the ARMG (Assault Rifle Machine Gun). They walked slowly down the street, it seemed to quiet. They turned a corner to see a pack of demons standing in a circle, being a demon Lucifer and Trigger left their weapons with Jet, Niriku, Jable, and Naomy. When they reached the circle they moved through the crowd and looked in the center to see humans fighting. Trying to hold back a disgusted face one of the demons turned next to him and said, "You smell like a human, both of you." he said in a deep voice, "You must be too close to those humans over there, me and Lucifer don't smell like humans." Trigger replied nervously. All the demon did was turn his head back to the fight. Trigger gave a small sigh of relief as him and Lucifer slowly turned around and walked slowly towards the others. When they were almost there one of them turned around and yelled, " THE HANYOU IS HERE, KILL HIM AND THE OTHERS!" Trigger and Lucifer used their demon speed and ran to the end of the street and grabbed their ARMG's and started shooting, but they kept coming, "What do we do now?!" Naomy yelled as she continued firing at the demons, "You guys need to get the hell out of here and find a safe place to hide. Me and Trigger can handle this!" Lucifer yelled as him and Trigger and set down their weapons and readied their claws to attack. Trigger turned his head and yelled, "GO!" turning his head to face the crowd of demons as they drew closer. Lucifer and Trigger were soon facing the demons; their eyes blood red, their demon killing instinct had taken over them as the hacked and slashed the demons until they were soon beat down by other demons. Niriku turned around and saw that they were being beaten down, "No Trigger, Lucifer get out of there!" Niriku yelled, but they never came up from the demons that were beating them down. He lowered his head so that his bangs were covering his eyes; he them yelled "NO!" his eyes turned an evil dark shade of red, his fangs were visible from his mouth, and he had grown claws. He used his demon speed to run towards the crowd. Using his claws he sliced the first two in half, blood now covering his claws as he ran towards the others. Beating faces into the ground until there faces were gone and there was nothing but blood and snapping others neck swiftly and violently. When Niriku was finished yelled in the air a roar of triumph his fangs still covered in blood. Naomy and Jet tackled Niriku to the ground, Jet took out a needle of holy water and injected in Niriku's neck. Niriku was soon rolling on the ground roaring in pain until he was knocked out. Jet and Naomy checked Trigger and Lucifer's bodies, they were dead. Jet and Naomy went and picked up Niriku putting his arms on their shoulders, when they turned the corner they saw two humans in the middle of the road, one of them was on the ground dead and the other was on one knee holding her shoulder. Naomy walked over to her and asked, "Are you all right?" "Yeah, my name's Jo, who are you people and who were those guys that saved me?" she asked, " Their name's were Trigger and Lucifer, and they're dead." "Oh my God, I'm so sorry. Is there anything I can do to make it up to you?" Jo replied "Yes, follow me, Jable, and Jet to our base, there we will tell you everything." Naomy said

Chapter three: Niriku's secret

When they arrived at the base Jet and Naomy dragged Niriku over to the infirmary so they could mend his wounds. When they exited Jo was waiting for them, her clothes still torn. "Here, let's get you a uniform, and Jet go check on Niriku and see if he's all right." Naomy said as she led Jo into one of the dressing rooms so that she could get her a uniform.

Jet walked back to the infirmary, only to see Niriku exiting it, "You all right?" Jet asked, "Just, what happened, what did you guys inject me with?" Niriku asked, "For some reason you turned into a demon and attacked other demons who killed Trigger and Lucifer." Jet replied, "Trigger and Lucifer are dead, what the hell happened." Niriku demanded, "They were killed while fighting other demons to save us, there was nothing we could do, I'm sorry to tell you this." Jet replied as he walked away. Niriku turned around and grabbed Jet's shoulder, "You didn't answer my question, what did you and Naomy inject me with?" Niriku asked as he let go of Jet's shoulder, "We injected you with holy water to turn you back to your hanyou self." Jet replied turning around once again and walked off.

Naomy and Jo exited the dressing room and walked up to Niriku, "How ya feelin'?" Naomy asked Niriku, "Fine, and who's this?" Niriku replied. "This is Jo, we saved her from a pack of demons who were using her to fight other humans." Naomy said back. Before Niriku could say anything a small man walked up to Niriku, "Excuse me sir, I need to talk to you alone for a minute." "Right." Niriku said as he walked off and followed the man, "What is it?" Niriku asked, " We need to get you to a cage right now." the man said, "What the hell are you talking about." Niriku asked, "Sir tonight is the full moon, you remember what happens when it's a full moon outside." he said Niriku suddenly remembering that when it was a full moon he turned full demon for that night, "Damn, already, are you sure there is no way we can prevent this?" Niriku asked, "We could try injecting you with holy water, but then that would be too much. Your demon side...well we don't really know what would happen or how would you react." "We'll have to take a chance." He replied as the man walked off and came back with a needle filled with holy water and injected it into Niriku, when the full moon came out, nothing happened to Niriku. Naomy was talking with Jo in the back going over the basics, "Now, if you want to work on the field, you need to know demon's weaknesses. First, demons are extremely allergic to holy water. They can be killed with silver, and can be hurt by crosses. Don't think that crosses will be enough to kill them, it'll ward them off and all. But it won't kill them." "So who exactly was that guy you were talking to?" Jo asked, "That was basically our leader, his name's Niriku. He is a new species, half human and half demon. He's called a hanyou, which basically means that he is half of something." Naomy explained as Jable walked in and said in an eager voice, "Listen we found a way to keep Niriku from turning into a full demon tonight." "How?" asked Naomy, "By injecting him with two amounts of holy water." "Isn't that a little dangerous?" asked Naomy. Naomy walked out into the main room where Niriku was waiting. Naomy ran up and hugged him and said, "You finally found a way to prevent your transformation."

The next day they went out to the next town to see if there were any human or demons interested in joining them. This time Niriku and Jet went alone. "I think it's empty, we're wasting our time trying to find someone." Jet said as he lowered his ARMG. "C'mon let's get back to the base."

Chapter four: The betrayal

When Niriku and Jet returned to the base, it was decimated. There was blood and bodies everywhere. No one was moving; the only ones left were Niriku and Jet. They searched everywhere to see if anyone was alive, the only one they found was Naomy, she was barely alive. With her dying breath she said, "Jo's betrayed us. She's betrayed us all, find her and kill her, and if ya don't mind. Put a bullet in her for me." after the she died right there in Niriku's arms. Tears were now streaming down Niriku's face. He gently set her body down and stood up. His heart now filled with rage and revenge he picked up his ARMG and walked over to see Jet checking more bodies. "Don't bother Jet, they're all dead." Niriku told him, "Damn it!" he yelled pounding his hand against the wall. "What do we do now?" asked Jet. "We find Jo, and whoever the hell she's working with." answered Niriku loading his ARMG. "How are we going to find her?" asked Jet, "You forget, I'm half demon, remember?" replied Niriku. Him and Jet stormed down the street trying to find Jo and whomever she was working with.

Jo stood beside a large creature that looked to be a human with talons, dog- ears, and a tail. "Is everything set?" he asked in a low voice. "Yes, all we need to do is wait for Niriku to come." "That won't be needed, we can have Lucifer and Trigger take care of them." she said. Staring at two dark figures standing in the back.

Niriku and Jet desperately walked through out the streets searching for Jo and the person she was working with. When they turned a corner they saw Trigger and Lucifer standing in the middle of the street. "Oh my God Lucifer, Trigger is that you?" there came no answer from either off them "Lucifer, Trigger, what's wrong with you guys?" he asked. There was still no answer from them. It wasn't until one of them slashed at Niriku, and tore his ARMG in half. "Niriku, that's not Trigger and Lucifer. They're dead remember." he said as he stepped back a little. "I think I figured that out now Jet." he said in an angered voice. He readied his claws. Trigger slashed then Lucifer; Niriku dodged each of their attempts to kill him.

To Be Continued in: The Hanyou part two prodigies