Chapter 10

The five girls walked down the cabin-lined street on their way to the beachfront. Their coolers were held tightly under their arms as they strolled down to what was poised to be the biggest party of the summer.

"There'd better be some decent guys at this thing," Brooke snapped, "Like, some real guys."

"Don't worry Brooke," Kerri shook her head, "Pierce will make sure there's lots of people here. I'm sure he'll be inviting a lot of his own friends, and he's twenty-six. So there should be some older guys there for you."

"Good. I'm sick of boys. I need some older men. And some bigger ones for that matter."

All of the girls laughed at this as they could hear the party getting closer. All five of the girls were dressed in their bikinis with sarongs wrapped around their waists, except for Anna who wore blue shorts over her pink bikini bottom. Kerri filled out her blue and white stripped top very well, and Brooke likewise with her royal blue. Alison wore purple with a purple sash, and Ashley wore a bikini of blue and green swirls. There was no doubt the sight of the five of them would definitely heat up the party.

The party on the beach was really beginning to pick up now. Troy stood around drinking his beer, watching all of the people he knew and didn't know. How was Pierce able to put all this together? Word of mouth probably played a big part in it, he figured. As long as there is no doubt the party is going to kick ass, people will make sure they come.

Hey, here come the girls," Jeff nudged him, nodding his head in the direction of the five girls who were just emerging onto the sand, "Anna's looking damn hot, hey? Never seen her in a bikini before."

"No, neither have I," Troy's voice trailed off as he couldn't help but stare.

"Time to work your magic, dude."

"Seriously Jeff, you guys talk about it and all, but I don't think it's gonna happen."

"Well, not if you think like that. Troy man, you haven't been laid all summer. And you've been goggling over her that whole time. Put two and two together man."

Troy just continued staring.

"Go!" Jeff said with a shove in Troy's back, urging him on. But Troy didn't need urging on since the girls came over to them.

"Hey hun," Allison wrapped her arm around Jeff's waist.

"Hey, were you girls pre-drinking?"

"Oh yeah, we've had a few," she answered slyly.

"Hey Anna,' Troy said, trying his hardest to sound as non-chalant as he could.

"Hey Troy," she replied with a small smile. No one saw Brooke rolls her eyes behind them.

"Where's Andrew?" Ashley asked.

"Um, where did he go? I think him and Pike went to check out the barbeque situation," Jeff told her.

"And where's Jake?" Kerri asked.

"Do you really want to know?" Troy said.

"Oh dear," Kerri said laughing, "I think there's some poor girl somewhere in need of rescuing."

"Hey guys!" they were called by Andrew, waving them over, "Come get food! Pierce has got the BBQ going!"

Troy lingered behind the rest of the group as they walked over to the fires, hoping that Anna would do the same. She did.

"Were you guys pre-drinking?" he asked, not sure what else to start the conversation with.

"Yeah, we were over at my place priming up. You guys?"

"Yeah, my place too," he said, "You should have come waterskiing with us earlier. You ski?"

"Me? Oh no," she laughed, "I tried once, never again. Never again. It hurts! Doesn't it hurt?"

"Oh yeah, when you fall, sure. The trick is not to fall," he shot her a quick grin.

"I suppose that's easy for a pro like you," she smiled back.

"Well, I don't like to brag, but…" he said stretching his arms in the air.

"Hey Anna," a voice came from behind them, a voice Troy hated, "Come get some food."

Josh Ashcroft and his buddy's strutted down the beach wearing only their shorts, purposely showing off their bodies, which Troy was ashamed to admit were much better toned than his own.

"We're already getting some," he scowled back.

"I wasn't talking to you," Ashcroft arrogantly glared back, giving one of those cocky looks that made Troy want to rip his head off.

"It's okay Josh. Let's go Troy," Anna said, walking off ahead to the barbeque. Troy felt elated that she had taken his side.

Just as Troy was going to follow her, Ashcroft grabbed his arm and pulled him around.

"You're not getting her tonight," he said coldly, "Don't think about screwing me around."

"Fuck off," Troy violently shrugged his arm away from Ashcroft's grip and walked off to Anna, flipping him the finger as he did. Behind him Troy could hear the arrogant laughs of Ashcroft and his friend.

Shrug it of, Troy told himself. Screw them.

He joined the others at the barbeque fire and grabbed a burger.

"Toss me another beer there Andrew," he called.

"Sure thing buddy," Andrew answered, tossing a cold one Troy's way.

Troy sat down by Anna as the rest of the group ate in a big circle. He turned back to see Ashcroft watching him fro down the beach. He hated the fact that he had to fend Anna away from the wolves now, when just trying to make her like him in the first place seemed a big enough task.