Chapter twelve

Damien awoke to find that Saria's hand was no longer in his own. He looked around her room to see if she was there. He heard laughing down stairs, maybe that's where she was.
He made his way down the stairs to find Saria dressing the wounds of the little girl that she saved. Saria turned her head and saw Damien.

"Oh goodness! Did we wake you?" She asked apologetically.

"No, I needed to get up anyway. I see that you are feeling much better."

"Oh yes, I think I just passed out and that was all. I don't have any broken bones or anything, but I am really soar."

"I know you must be. When I carried you to your room..." He stopped and looked at Saria's face, then continued, "I noticed the bruises on your arms."
Saria looked at him and smiled. "Thank you for saving me. If you hadn't have come who knows what could have happened to me." Saria's eyes started to well up with tears. Saria stood up and hugged Damien. Damien held her for a long time as she sobbed into his shoulder.

"I was so afraid for the little girl when I passed out. I didn't know what would happen to her or me. It was so scary..."

"It's okay, I was there and that's all that matters, you are safe now." He said while stroking her soft auburn hair.

"I'm so glad I met you..." Saria said.
Me too thought Damien.

Saria waved goodbye to Damien as he mounted his horse and galloped away. She was sad to see him go. She offered to make him dinner but he had to start heading home. It was a two-hour journey back to where he lived and he didn't want to worry his father.

Saria turned to the little girl who was waving to Damien as well.

"What is your name my dear?"

"The little girl stood up proudly and announced, " I am princess violet. Princess of Arcadia!"

Saria was shocked; she couldn't believe what she was hearing. This was the princess, Victor's little sister. Saria turned and smiled at Violet.

"Are you ready to go home your highness?"

"Yes, I am very hungry! I really hope they haven't forgotten about me!" She said looking sad.

"I'll tell you what, I'll fix you some dinner, you can stay the night here, and I'll take you back to the castle in the morning. Does that sound good?"

Princess Violet looked at her. Then she asked, " What will we have for dinner?"

"How about some vegetable soup and maybe after that we can have some cookies." Saria answered with a wink.

The girl smiled excitedly, "Oh then it's a deal!" The two of them walked back inside and closed the door. It was getting late and her Father hadn't come home yet. Saria was getting worried.