Chapter 3

It was Monday, their first day at their new school, for Angel at least. Amity came out of the bathroom looking refreshed and ready to go. She had on her new red tube top with a red jacket on top, so as not to disobey the dress code, and her bright red pants and hooker heels, or as she liked to call them: ankle breakers. Angel went in and changed into her white platform shoes, a peasant skirt on and a light pink peasant shirt. For jewelry Amity had on a black choker necklace and Angel had her silver chain with a light pink ball on it. Amity put her hair in a ponytail and Angel kept her blonde curls down so they would hang over her shoulders.

"That looks better on you than I thought it would." Amity told Angel when she came out. Angel smiled.

"Not as good as yours." Was Angel's compliment.

"Well, we'll have to ask one of the non-preps at school. We'll see who wins." Amity challenged.

The drive to school wasn't long and they reached the main building in a few seconds walk from the car.

"Ready?" Amity asked.

"Yeah." Angel said, a little unsure of her answer. They walked in the office and saw the secretary sitting at her desk filling some papers.

"Hi Mrs. Longer!" Amity said happily. Mrs. Longer looked up and her eyes got wide.

"A-Ami-Amit-Amity?" She questioned.

"Yup!" Amity said smiling.

"Oh God help us!" She exclaimed. Obviously Amity had made quite the impression. "Why are you back?"

"They re-did the boundary and made it so that I came here." Amity said plopping a piece of candy into her mouth.

"Guess there's nothing I can do then. Sign this and you, what's your name?" She asked Angel.

"Angel. Angel Parks."

"Has all of your paper work been sent here? I'm assuming you've come with Amity."

"Yes ma'am. I've got it right here."

"Is your mom here to sign this form?" Angel slowly shook her head.

"No ma'am, she was killed only a few days ago."

"Oh! I'm so sorry dear; I didn't mean to bring anything up. I need a parent signature though."

"Well, I'm under Mrs. Peterson's care, so that would make her my guardian."

"She can sign it. I'll send a copy to her work. I'll tell her to sign it and send it back."

"Okay." Angel said.

"Now, what about our schedules?"

"Let's see…" She typed in something and printed out two papers. "Amity, you have the same classes as before, Angel you have Mrs. Boron for homeroom. Go see her first. We are on homeroom schedule today; Amity can explain what that is." She said turning back to her computer.

"Great, Miss Princing will love having me back." Amity said sarcastically. "Come on. I'll show you where Mrs. Boron's class is."

"What's homeroom schedule?" Angel asked.

"That's when you go to homeroom first. Normally you'll report to your first period class, but when we have homeroom schedule you go to your homeroom." Amity explained. They walked down a hall, and then turned. A few doors down she stopped. "This is your homeroom. Go in and tell the teacher you're new. She'll know what to do. If you wait till after homeroom I'll show you where your classes are." Angel nodded. She walked inside and saw four rows of desks, six in each. The teacher's desk in the opposite corner. She saw everyone's glances and gazes and made her way to the teacher's desk. The boys stared at her body, while the girls made faces of disgust. The teacher looked up from her work and smiled.

"Hello, What do you need, sweetie?" The teacher asked. Angel guessed this was one of those teachers who called everyone 'sweetie' or 'hon' or some other pet name. A teacher who would never, or hardly ever, send a student to the office.

"I'm new here. The lady at the front office said that this was my homeroom." Angel said in her melodic voice. The teacher turned to her computer and went to a document.

"What's your name, dear?" She asked.

"Angel, Angel Parks." She said. She listened to the whispers pf boys and girls alike.

"Look at her ass!" Was one boys comment.

"Her name suits her." Another boy said.

"She looks like a slut." One snobbish sounding girl said.

"Or a bratty rich girl." Came another female comment. The comments all went along those lines. Guys' stating the pros, girls stating the cons. Angel was getting a little angry. The teacher asked her a few questions and told her to take a seat. Angel looked around and saw a seat open beside a girl. She sat in the seat and looked at the girl beside her. She had long blonde hair and blue eyes. Her hair was held back in a braid and she was reading a book. She turned her gaze away from the girl and looked at the TV. The clock said it was seven fifty-eight. The teacher got up and handed her a book.

"This is your agenda. It has the times for the bells, a place to put your homework and class work assignments, the school calendar, the school rules, a map of the school, and some other things you may find interesting."

"I may not have to use my map." Angel smiled.

"Did you have a tour before you came?" The teacher asked.

"No, one of my friends used to come to this school, and, after they re-did the border, she was put back in this school." Angel smiled at the teacher.

"Really? Who's your friend?"

"Amity Peterson." The class erupted into conversations.

"You're friends with Amity Peterson?" The teacher asked. "That devil of a child!"

"Well, I wouldn't call her a devil,"

"No. She is much worse than a devil!" The teacher screamed. The class calmed down a bit.

"Ma'am, I have been friends with her since we were in grade school. I think I know her better than you do. And I would appreciate it if you wouldn't call her a devil." Angel said softly.

"You may have known her a long time, but you don't know her a bit! She has no respect for authority and none of her gang does either! You wouldn't happen to be in that gang. Would you?"

"If you are implying that I wasn't raised to respect my teachers, you are sadly mistaken. But if you are also implying that Amity goes to the extremes and beyond, you are also sadly mistaken. Amity knows when to stop. Amity respects authority, when it respects her." Angel ended her speech. The bell rang and she stood, ready to leave. "One more thing, I'm not a slut, or a snobby rich girl. I'd appreciate it if you would take your eyes off of my ass and look me in the eyes. And in case any of you boys were wondering, I'm not easy, so don't even think about going there." She walked out of the classroom and was stopped by the girl from earlier.

"You know Amity?"

"Yeah? How do you know her?"

"Everyone here knows her. I'm one of the inner circle though."

"Inner Circle?"

"It's her closest friends at this school. There are only five members. Me, my brother, Ciro, his best friend, Lunar, and his sister, Luna."

"What's your name?"

"Cira, Cira O' Ryan." She said smiling.

"Angel! Glad I found you!" Amity appeared out of no where, and then noticed Cira standing there. "Cira!" Amity squealed and hugged her tightly. "Hey girl! How's the gang doing? Hope it's not gone lost without me!"

"Everyone's fine. They'll all be happy to know that your back."

"Well, I haven't seen anyone because I skipped out on homeroom. You know she's the devil!"

"Yeah, everyone in class is probably wondering why you weren't there."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, The Teacher gave me an agenda and said something about a map, and then I said I probably wouldn't need one. She asked why and I told her you would show me around." Angel explained.

"Well, two more classes until lunch. Let me see your schedule." Angel handed her the slip of paper. "You've got first lunch! That means you get to sit with me!" Amity said excitedly.

"What's first lunch?"

"First lunch means you go to lunch before third block. Blocks are ninety minute periods. There are four blocks a day excluding lunch. Third block is used for lunches. First lunch is when you go to lunch before third, second lunch is when you go to lunch during third and go back, at set times, and third lunch is after third period." Amity explained. "I know all the first lunch teachers because the inner circle all have different teachers. You have third with Lynx. Lynx is so awesome! She has twelve piercings and one tattoo. She's getting another one as soon as she figures out what she wants."

"Where are the piercings?"

"She has four in each ear, a tongue ring, a belly button ring, a nose ring, and one of her eyebrows pierced. Her tattoo is on her lower back. It's a crescent moon with Lunar's name inside it. Lunar's her boyfriend. I think you have your last class with him. He's kinda stiff, but he's an all around good guy. His little sister is named Luna. She's an awesome fighter. She can even kick Lunar's ass. I think you have second with her. Ciro is Cira's older brother. He is so overdramatic sometimes, but it's funny! You may have first with him. Oh! Here's your class." Amity said, pointing to the door. "Just tell the teacher your new and she'll give you a seat or tell you to sit where ever."

"If Ciro gives you any trouble, come to me. I'll set him straight." Cira said smiling. Angel walked through the door and went to the teacher. Her name was Mrs. Boykin. This was her Art class. The teacher looked up and smiled.

"Hello, Are you the new student?" Angel nodded. "Take a seat dear. What's you name?"

"Angel Parks." She said, sitting down beside a blonde haired boy. He looked over at her. She smiled.

"Aren't you that new girl who got transferred because of the boundary change?" He asked.


"I'm Ciro O' Ryan. Nice to meet you."

"I've heard of you. You're Cira's older brother."

"That would be me. Do you have her homeroom?"

"Yeah. That teacher gets on my nerves."

"Yeah, I have her for third. She needs help. She always calls everyone 'dear' or 'hon' except for the people who used to hang out with Amity. You probably don't know who that is though."

"Actually I-" Angel was interrupted by the teacher.

"Okay class, most of you know by now, there's a new face in our classroom. Her name is Angel Parks, please show her where the supplies are and help her with our project. Remember, if you need any help, raise your hand and I'll be right there." A few people got out of their seats and got some supplies, a few others raised their hands and some got to work.

"You'll like Mrs. Boykin. She doesn't show any prejudice to anybody. She thinks that as long as you do something for a good reason, then you're a good student. I'll show you what the project is." He went over to the counter and got some paint. He came back with two pallets of paint and went back to get a bowl of water. He put the bowl on his desk and set hers up. He gave her a pallet and put the bowl in between them. "We're painting an abstract. Close your eyes and draw what you feel. Or you can draw a place you know of." Angel closed her eyes and thought. She opened them and began to paint on the canvas. In what seemed to be only a few minutes, class was over. Angel stayed after to help Ciro clean up.

"This class passes by so fast." Angel said.

"Glad you feel that way." Angel glimpsed his canvas.

"Wow! That's amazing!" It was a single pear tree on top of a hill. There were flowers all over the ground, and two people sitting under the tree having a picnic.

"It's me and my girlfriend. She loves pears and flowers. I took her to a place like this for her birthday. She loved it there. But about a month after we went, somebody started fire to it and burned the whole place down. That was almost a year ago. They put a building where the pear tree used to be. The flowers were replaced with gravel. It used to be sunny all the time, but now it seems it never shines." She listened intently to his story.

"That's terrible!"

"Yeah. I'm giving this to her for her birthday next month. She loves my paintings, and she loved that place, so I figured it would be the perfect gift."

"She'll love it." She said as they finished cleaning.

"Hey, Angel, what's taking you so long?" Amity appeared in the doorway.

"Amity? Is that you?" Ciro asked. Angel gave him a hug.

"Hey. How are you doing?"

"Oh Amity! Your lips are still the same red, your eyes the same old brown. Your nose still in its natural shape; mouth still never a frown." He rhymed.

"See what I mean. Overdramatic! I've only been gone for six months!" She smiled.

"It's seems like so much longer than that!" He said dramatically.

"Come on, we better get to class." Amity laughed. They walked out of the classroom and wound up in the other building. The warning bell rang and Ciro had to abandon them. When they got to Angel's class Amity had a few seconds to make it to her next class. She went up to the teacher and asked her where she sat. The teacher pointed to an empty desk beside a brown haired girl. Angel sat down in the seat. The girl beside her was playing with her bracelet. It was black with spikes on it. The girl turned to her.

"You know, you shouldn't stare at a member of the inner circle. You just might get your ass kicked."

"I'm sorry. I'm new here. I've only heard of the inner circle. I don't know who the members are yet." Angel said smiling.

"It's alright. New kids don't get beaten up until another kid comes. You're safe. I'm Luna. I'm member one point two. I was the second person to be initiated in the first inner circle. Once we reach ten members, then we will make a second circle. Once we are out of our teen years, the second circle will take over. The first member is the leader, second is the fighter, third is the rebel, fourth is the scarist, in other words, he looks tough but is actually a big softie, the fifth member is the researcher, sixth is the clown, and that's about all we've been able to find. The second circle will be babies, toddlers, elementary school kids, or middle school kids. But however old they are they'll be about the same age. I talk a lot so just tell me if I'm boring you." Luna ended.

"No, it's alright. I don't mind at all."

"Good. Most people get annoyed at how much I talk."

"My little sister used to talk non stop, before the accident." Angel said.

"What happened, if you don't mind me asking?"

"My parents and my sister were," She paused. "Were murdered." She said softly. Luna gasped.

"I know what it's like to not have a mom and/ or dad. My parents died in a car crash when me and my brother were little. Our grandmother took care of us until she died. We were ten. Then we were bounced from foster home to foster home. If I ever lost him, I don't know what I'd do." She said with a sad, yet, reassuring smile. The class started not long after that.

About an hour and a half later the bell rang.

"I'll show you to the cafeteria if you want." Luna offered.

"Okay. Let's wait for my friends first. Well, it's more like my friend and her friends. I don't know them that well yet." Luna nodded in agreement, and soon, amity, Ciro, and Cira walked up.

"Amity!" The two hugged and smiled.

"Hey Babe." Ciro said and kissed Luna on the cheek.

"You're Ciro's girlfriend?" Angel asked.

"Yup! We've been going out for almost a year."

"It'll be a year on Valentine's Day."

"He did the most romantic thing! He got me a single white rose and, you know how you can get the roses to be colored?" Angel nodded. "He colored it blue! That's my favorite color. Then he put it in my locker with a wet paper towel around it and tied to a string was a note that asked if I would go out with him. Of course I said yes." Luna told her.

They walked to lunch and found a boy and a girl making out. The boy had dark brown hair and the girl had red hair. The girl also had four earrings in each ear and one in her right eyebrow. Her shirt raised a little and Angel could see a belly button ring.

"Get a room!" Amity yelled at the couple. They both stopped and turned.

"Amity!" the girl lunged at her, giving her a death hug. The boy stood there smirking.

"Decided to come back and face me like the girl you are?" He said giving emphasis on 'girl.'

"Are you ready to face me like a man? Or are you going to back off like you did last time?" They started joking a bit and stopped as soon as a teacher was spotted. They walked into the cafeteria and sat down at two booths that were pushed together. Amity sat towards the middle and Angel sat beside her. Luna sat across from Angel, beside Ciro. And Ciro sat across from Cira, who was on the outer side of Angel. Lynx sat across from Amity and beside Lunar.

"Who's getting lunch?" Amity asked. The boys raised their hands and so did Angel.

"Angel, don't worry about getting lunch. The guys will take our orders. I want some cake." Amity said.

"A cookie." Was Lynx's order.

"A rice crispy treat." Luna told Ciro. A few other guys crowded around the booth. All of them either punk, or Goth.

"A bag of chips." Cira told her brother.

"Um, what do they have?" Angel asked.

"They have brownies." Said a punk kid. He had dark hair with midnight blue streaks. The streaks matched his eyes.

"Do they have nuts?" She asked him.

"Not usually." She smiled.

"Okay. How much are they?" She was about to pull out her wallet, but he stopped her.

"For you, not a penny." She blushed. He went to a line and stood there to get her brownie.

"Angel's got the hots." Amity teased.

"Leave me alone, Amity." She said quietly.

"She doesn't deny it!" Luna joked.

"I don't remember him." Amity said looking his way.

"He started at the beginning of the school year." Cira informed. "His name is Chaim Tearson. He's fifteen and a sophomore. His birthday is March twenty-ninth. He was born at South Deming Memorial Hospital at nine-twenty-four a.m. He is currently living with his mom in an apartment on thirty-First Street. His father died when he was born, while serving the country in Iraq. He is not on any sports teams, makes average grades and is currently available. He dunped his last girlfriend for cheating on him." Angel was amazed.

"How do you know all that?"

"I'm the researcher. I can normally get stats on new kids in about two hours if I hack non-stop. I can give you what size shoes and clothes he wears." She offered.

"No thanks. I think I know more than enough." Angel said.

"I have a question." Amity said. " Boxers or briefs?"

"Amity!" Angel squealed. Cira smiled.


"Angel Parks come to the front office, Angel Parks front office." A voice said on the intercom.

"I don't want to leave before he gets back with my brownie." Angel said.

"Don't worry, I'll cover for ya!" Amity told her. Angel rushed out the door to the office.

When she finally reached it she opened the heavy door and walked to the secretary.

"Hi, Angel, You have a call from a detective on line three." Angel hurriedly picked up the phone.

"Hello?" She waited for either Detective Jamison, or detective Joyner to answer, but instead, was met with an unfamiliar voice.

"Hello Angel. I'm Detective Ichiban. I'm detective Joyner's assistant. I'm here to tell you we have a lead on your family's murder. I'm sending a car with some of my friends to pick you up. They'll be there in about an hour. Okay?"

"Okay." She said. She wasn't sure of this man but they had a lead so she would trust him. She heard the other line click and hung up the phone. She turned to the secretary and simply said she was checking out early. She ran back to the cafeteria to let Amity know.

"Amity!" She ran over to the table and sat down. "Great news! They have a lead!"

"That's super! Who called? Detective Joyner or Detective Jamison?"

"Niether. He said he was Jamison's assistant. His name was Detective Ichiban."

"Weird name. He hasn't come back yet. I told Lunar to go ask him to get you a drink too. Reason being, someone forgot to get the drink." Ciro started whistling. Just then, Chaim came back with a drink and a brownie.

"Here you go." He said handing it to her.

"Thanks." Angel said smiling. Amity smiled deviously at the two teens staring at each other.

"Hey, Chaim, why don't you sit with us today? The boys are outnumbered and I think you'd say yes." She asked slyly.

"Sure." He smiled and sat down beside Angel.

"Pass the drink, will ya?" Lynx asked in her politest way. Angel passed it to Amity and Amity passed it to Lynx.

"So, you new at this school?" Chaim asked Angel.

"Yeah, I'm lucky to have Amity because if I didn't, I know I'd get lost."

"I know how that feels. Lunar's in my first class so he showed me around a bit."

"Yeah, Cira's in my homeroom and Ciro's in my first and Luna's in my second." Angel took a bite of her brownie.

"Hm hm hm." Chaim tried to hide a giggle.

"What's so funny?" Angel asked cluelessly.

"You have chocolate on your cheek." He said, pointing to his cheek to show where it was on hers. She swiped at her cheek trying to get it off, but, ended up smearing it. Chaim laughed again.

"Let me." He said and reached over to her cheek. He gently brushed the chocolate away. But, even when the chocolate was gone, kept stroking her cheek. He leaned in until they were centimeters apart, when he pulled away.

"Sorry, I got caught up in the moment. I think I should go." He said and quickly walked off. Amity leaned over when he was out of sight.


"Um…" Was Angel's intelligent response.

"I'm waiting for a good answer."

"Um…I don't…know?" Was her next intelligent answer.

"WELL KISS HIM NEXT TIME!" Lynx got out of the booth and walked over to Angel.

"I want to show you someplace, okay?" Angel nodded and followed her. Lynx led her to the outside of the building, beside some bushes. "Wait here." She told her and went off. Angel waited and about five minutes later Lynx came back with Chaim in tow. "Now, I have a question for you both. Answer honestly. Did you want that kiss?" Chaim nodded his head, blushing from telling the truth in front of Angel. Angel walked over to him and whispered in his ear.

"So did I." He looked up and smiled. He wrapped his arms around her waist and leaned in. Lynx took this for her sign to let them be, so she walked back to the cafeteria.

His lips met hers. Angel kissed him back, and deepened it. He brushed his tongue against her lips to ask to enter. She opened her mouth in response. Their tongues played together until they both needed air. They pulled apart and Angel smiled. They sat down and Angel leaned her head on his chest.

"This maybe a little late, but…" He leaned down to her ear. "Will you go out with me?" He whispered.

Shojogurl: Still no reviews. My boyfriend asked one of my best friends out and I feel that I have no hope of getting a boyfriend. Not to mention I had a presentation yesterday where I had to get in front of the class and act out a part from Romeo and Juliet. I dressed up for it and I wore a slip under my dress so no one would see through it. They saw through it. Talk about humiliated. Here's the preview:

Angel followed the two men into the house. The house was dark and quiet. She felt one of the men take her arm in a rough manner.

"Ow! Could you be a little gentler?" Her requests went unnoticed. She couldn't see, so she had no clue as to where they were going.

They soon reached their destination. The man opened the door and threw her in the room.

"Ow!" Angel didn't know what was going on. She came here to talk to a detective, not be led through a house by a brute man.

"Angel! How are you! It's been so long since I've seen you!" The lights flashed on and a man sat on a bed. He had to be almost three times her age.

"Who are you? How do you know me?"