Chapter 6

It had been a week since Angel found out she was pregnant, and almost three weeks since she'd been raped. She had decided to wait until Chaim knew her better before she told him. It was that Wednesday afternoon that the subject came up.

Angel sat on Chaim's lap and kissed him again. His hand rested on her lower back and her hand cupped his cheek. They broke apart to breathe.

"You're so beautiful." Chaim whispered as he breathed in the scent of her hair. She rested her head on his shoulder and grabbed his hand. "Angel?"

"Hm?" She asked.

"Where do you think we'll be in a year?" He asked.

"I don't know." she said. She rested her hand unconsciously on her stomach. He put his hand on top of hers.

"Why do you hold your stomach so much?" He asked.

"What do you mean?" Angel asked, nervously.

"It just seems that you put your hand on your stomach a lot." He said. She bit her bottom lip. "Angel? Is something wrong? You seem to act differently than you first did when we met."

"It's nothing." She lied.

"No, it's not. I know you're lying. You're a horrible liar." He told her as he tilted her chin up to face him.

"It's just…" She trailed off.

"Talk to me, Angel. You can't love without trust. If you love me, you'll trust me." She smiled at the use of the quote. It had been their special quote. It was in a song they knew called "Love me, Trust Me," by Orange Cloud.

"Remember when I said I couldn't be with you?" Angel asked. "Well…When I left school, I was supposed to go the station because they said they had a lead on my family's murder…It turns out…I was taken to the murderer's house and…he…he raped me." She started crying into Chaim's shirt.

"He what!" Chaim screamed. "I will kill him with my own two hands! Don't worry Angel; I won't let him hurt you!" He wrapped his arms around her. Angel felt him smell her hair. She felt so safe, so secure in his arms. Just being there, she knew she'd be okay.

"I swear, if he even says your name wrong, his ass is mine." She looked up in his eyes and she knew she had to tell him everything.

"That's not all." She said slowly. He just looked at her. "Amity and I went to the hospital to get me tested for every STD under the sun. I don't have any of them,"

"That's good,"

"I'm not finished." She said. "We went to the drugstore and bought a home pregnancy test…" She paused. "It came back positive." Chaim closed his eyes.

"That Son-of-a-bitch." He said. "He won't lay another finger on you. I swear it. As long as I'm around, he won't touch you." She smiled at him through her tears and kissed him lightly on the lips.

"Angel, I love you. And I know I'll love your children too. As far as I'm concerned, they're my children, not his." He said.

"I love you so much," she started but he cut her off when his lips met hers.

After a few more minutes they returned to lunch.

"Hey, Angel, are you still up for that V-day bash?" Amity smiled.

"Heck yes!" She smiled.

"Good. Let's make the invites tonight and pass them out tomorrow. The whole damn school's invited!" Amity shouted.

"You're house is definitely big enough to hold it." Luna said.

"Who from our old school should we invite?" Amity asked.

"I want Matt there." Angel said.

"Who's Matt?" Chaim asked jealously.

"Her asshole of an ex-boyfriend. We're so gonna make a fool out of him." Amity smiled.

"Heck yeah!" Angel said.

Shojogurl: OMG. I can't believe I've ignored this story for THIS long! I feel horrible about it. Not to mention I haven't told you guys about my love life recently. I got another boyfriend and he dumped me after three weeks, just like my first one. That was about five months ago. Then I got another boyfriend about three weeks ago and he broke up with me…Wednesday. What's up with the three week pattern? I must be cursed. Here's the preview:

"I still love you, Angel. I was stupid to give you up. I shouldn't have believed him." He told her.

"What about Bethany?" Angel asked icily.

"What about Bethany? She's just a desperate bitch. She was just so pitiful…I didn't want to hurt her feelings. Dump that loser you're with and get back with me. He doesn't deserve you."

"And you think you do?"

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