Chapter one: The new spirits

Joe walked through the streets of New York with his blue hair swaying in the wind of the fall air. He then heard a noise come from behind him; he turned to see that no one was there. He continued walked until he heard the same noise again, he quickly turned again and formed a sword of wind around his right hand re-tracing his steps to see that four people were staring at him in the shadows of an ally, "Who are you? Show yourself cowards." one of the figures stepped out of the shadows with a black flame-like sword surrounding his left hand just like Joe's, Joe had never seen a man like him before. He had black eyes and hair but he had ears like a dog, "Good we've found you.," he said as the sword on his left hand disappeared. "What do you want?" Joe asked still holding his sword of wind in front of him, "Just to come with us. We're not going to hurt you, you're one of us." he said looking back at the dark ally as three other people walked out from the shadows. Two men, one with yellow eyes and hair, another with pale white hair and eyes, and a woman with long red hair and hell fire eyes. Joe lowered his sword as it disappeared, "What are you?" he asked. They all stood staring at each other staring until the woman with the red hair walked up to him and said, "Why my dear we're elemental spirits just like you. Like Heburu said we're not here to hurt you, we're here to help you and tell you something that..." Joe interrupted her, "First, I already knew that I was an elemental spirit and second, I just wanted to know who you guys were." Heburu stepped forward and said, "Fine, as you know my name is Heburu, that's Nancy, Jim, and Tom. Now to explain what elements we are, I'm the former demon of darkness as you can tell because elemental spirits cannot be half spirit half demon, Nancy is the spirit of fire, Tom is the spirit of lightning, and Jim is the spirit of light." Joe fell silent and puzzled at what Heburu had said, "So you were the spirit of darkness, but now you're losing your powers. Why?" he asked, "Because now that it has been two hundred years the Gods are choosing a new set of spirits to take over and repeat what me and the others did two hundred years ago." then everything went silent for a few minutes, until Joe broke the silence, "What do you mean repeat what you and the others did two hundred years ago? You should dead." "I'm half demon remember? Demons are immortal; we cannot die from old age. I just wish the others were still here with me now it would be better to explain it this way."

They soon heard the sounds of police sirens coming from the outside of the ally, "Quickly everyone scatter and meet at Central Park in an hour, Joe come with me there something that I need to you, hurry." he said grabbing Joe and pulled him onto his back as he ran at lightning fast speed that Joe had never seen before. Heburu ran down the street to where he jumped on the top of a building and set Joe down.

"Now for me to explain why we were looking for you. As you know, what I said back in the ally two hundred years ago me and seven other humans who were elemental spirits joined together for a ceremony. That ceremony was to clean the Earth of its sins, each human that is chosen to be a spirit is sent to a human family to be born as a human and later find out that he or she is an elemental spirit. Then the Gods would chose one of them and tell them the prophecy so that he or she will find the others and tell the others of the prophecy and gather them so that they'll be ready for the ceremony." Joe was quiet for a few minutes until he asked, "Why was I chosen?" "I don't know...I really don't know." Heburu replied.

One hour later they all met at central park as Heburu said. Joe followed them to a secret place in New York that he had never seen, Heburu opened a garage and they all walked in and saw that it was like some sort of lab. "What is this place?" asked Joe as he walked in and stared around at the lab they had. "This is technically my lab that I built to help me find the others, since American is bigger than Japan I've had a harder time finding the others than last time. The technology we have now is a lot better than the technology than back in 2004." Heburu replied, "How can you tell when you find another spirit?" Joe asked, "I have sent transmitters all over the country to detect any other spirits in other states." Heburu explained. "So you're all not from New York." Joe said. Before any of them could answer an alarm went off, they all looked up at the map that was on the screen. There was a red dot flashing on Maine, Heburu walked up to the consul and started typing and got a location, Bangor, Maine. "Come on we need to get to the AF54, hurry." Heburu said as he dashed from the consul.

Joe followed them to a hanger with nothing in it. "I don't get it where's the jet?" asked Joe as Heburu pulled out a keychain from his pocket and clicked a button. A few minutes passed and there was a big red and black jet in front of them, they all stepped onto the platform that led into the AF54, in the jet was yet another lab with the same information as in the lab in the garage. Joe looked at Heburu and said sarcastically, "Let me guess, you built this?" "No, me and Tom stole this from an army base about... 2 months ago when I found him." Joe all of a suddenly remembering that two months ago there had been a prototype jet stolen from an air force base exactly two months ago. Tom and Heburu took the front seats in the cockpit while the others braced them selves for the lift off. Heburu re- activated the cloaking device, there was a slight rumble from the engines, and soon they were zooming in the air heading for Bangor, Maine. Heburu spoke in the PA and said, "WE WILL BE ARRIVING IN BANGOR MAINE WITHIN THREE TO FOUR HOURS. THAT IS ALL." Nancy went off to one of the cabins that the ship provided, while Jim sat on the couch in the main room. Joe took one of the chairs and asked Jim, "Why's Heburu so tense sometimes?" "Well...I guess its because of two things. One, he's the leader and has to be tense, and two; he's had to watch all of his friends die while he still lived. He told me one time how he had known them until they died. His first friend to die was Sharugane, Heburu said that he worked for the Japanese government before he became the spirit of darkness and once they were all together he betrayed them. When Sharugane tried to get away the person he was working with shot and killed him. Then his friend Kotatsu was killed when he opened his dojo again and someone tried to rob him, he refused to give into his demands and was shot. He was rushed to a hospital near by the dojo and died a few hours later. He said that his next friend to die was this woman name Mai, three years after the ceremony he took part in she was diagnosed with cancer and died a year later. Then his two closest friends out of all of them Arugane and Makimono died in a car crash along with there two 10-year- olds eleven years after the ceremony. The next one he said died, her name was Netsuko, she caught a new kind of blood virus in which there was no cure for and died one month after she was diagnosed. The last of them to die was Kasu and Yoshiro, God they were so young. They and their 4-year-old son were killed in a fire that was what the police were guessing a case of arson. All of the doors and the windows were locked from the outside, they never stood a chance." "Jesus Christ almighty."

Chapter two: The new spirit of darkness

When they arrived at Bangor, Heburu's hair was starting to turn red and his eyes were turning brown, "Oh my God, it's happening...I'm losing my powers. We have to find the spirit of darkness, quick!" he said. Before they split up Joe asked, "How will we find the new spirit of darkness?" "You have and extra sixth sense that can help you find the others. You will be able to tell the difference." Heburu replied, they all split up and searched the city for the new spirit of darkness.

It was about five when Joe called in the others, "I've found her, meet me at The Plaza diner in one hour." Joe faced the new spirit of darkness and asked, "What is your name?" she didn't answer, "It's okay, I'm not going to hurt you, I just want to know your name so that the others will know. I can't explain it now but in one hour we will be heading for The Plaza diner to meet the others that are with me. For now all I need to know is your name." he reassured her, "My name is Cathy. What's your's?" she asked back to Joe, she had a sort of beautiful voice to him, he stuttered a little when he told her his name, "Mmy...nname's JJJoe." he said as he sighed in his head. Cathy giggled a little; she took his hand and started to skip playfully down the street pulling Joe. Everyone would have never guessed that she twenty-one; she acted like she was a little 5-year-old girl without a care in the world.

One hour later they all arrived at The Plaza diner, they all walked in. "How many in your party?" the waitress asked, " Six." Heburu replied. "All right follow me this way." replied the waitress as she led them to an empty room with a long table where they could all fit. There were four chairs on each side and one on each end of the table. Jim sat next to Nancy on the right side of the table, Tom and Joe on the left side, which left Heburu and Cathy sitting at the ends facing each other. The waitress came back and said, "Welcome to The Plaza diner, I'm Jennifer and I'll be your waitress this evening. So what can I get you all to drink?" she asked taking out a little notepad and a pen. "I'll have unsweetened tea please." Nancy said, Heburu asked the rest of them and they agreed with on the same drink, "The rest of us will just have wine please." Heburu answered, "Okay, one unsweetened tea, and five glasses of wine. May I see some identification before I bring you your wine." she said. Heburu, Tom, Joe, Jim, and Cathy all took out their wallets and showed them their driver's license. "Okay, I'll be back in a minute with your drinks while you decide your meals." A few minutes later they were waiting for their food to arrive, Heburu was explaining why he had been looking for her. One hour later they exited the diner, the was a low roll of thunder and lightning in the distance. Shortly a few minutes later it was raining hard, they all rushed to a nearby hotel. they walked up to the clerk's desk, "How may I help you?" she asked, "Yes we need...three rooms please." "Okay that will be $75.50 please." she said as Heburu pulled out his wallet and pulled out a hundred dollar bill and paid for them to stay. They walked up to their rooms when Joe asked, "Why did you get three rooms when we really need two?" "Because me and Tom are staying in one room, Jim and Nancy are staying in the other, and you and Cathy will be staying in the third room."

One hour later they all went to the mall and bought some extra clothes in case it rained again and their clothes they had on got wet. When they checked back in they all went up to their rooms. Heburu and Tom were coming up with a plan in case they ran into the government, Nancy and Jim were already asleep, and Cathy and Joe were just talking. "So what element are you?" Cathy asked as she sat down on her bed, "Didn't Heburu tell you what elements we were?" Joe asked back, "No he didn't, before he could tell me our food arrived and after we ate we left and it sort of left my mind." "Okay, so Tom is the spirit of lightning, Jim is the spirit of light, Nancy is the spirit of fire, Heburu was the spirit of darkness but his powers are gone now and were transferred to you, and I'm the spirit of wind.". Cathy was silent, she was just staring at Joe with her pitch black eyes. Joe slightly blushed as she leaned closer and kissed his cheek. Of course this made him blush an even darker shade of red. Cathy giggled when she saw his face, she laid down and went to sleep, Joe did the same except he didn't go to sleep. He stayed awake thinking, 'was she just flirting with me? No, she couldn't be.' Joe said in his mind as he laid down and went to sleep.

The next day the everyone boarded the AF54, right when they boarded they heard an alarm. Heburu walked up to the screen and looked at the map. There was a red dot over Phoenix Arizona. "All right people, let's hurry and get to Phoenix." Heburu ordered leading the others onto the ship. Nancy and Jim went to the cabins on the ship while Cathy and Joe sat on the couch. they soon heard engines rumbling and Heburu's voice on the PA "HANG ON WE ARE READY TO LIFT OFF AND HEAD FOR PHEONIX ARIZONA. THAT IS ALL." Heburu's voice was gone and a few minutes later they lifting off of the ground, and the engines rumbling. Cathy flinched and grabbed hold of Joe and buried her face in his chest, which made Joe blush slightly. He noticed that Cathy had fainted, still holding Joe tightly in her grip. Joe couldn't help but smile as he put his arm over her shoulder and fell asleep

Chapter three: Hazel the spirit of earth

Two hours before they arrived, Nancy and Jim came out of the cabins they were staying in and walked over to the couch and saw Cathy and Joe asleep in each other's arms. Nancy and Jim snickered as they headed for the cockpit. They walked in and said, "Heburu we need to show you something." Heburu got up and followed them to the main room. Heburu almost burst out laughing, but he held it back. He walked over to Joe and tapped him on the shoulder, Joe jerked his head up and almost yelled but he remembered that Cathy was still asleep, "What the hell was that for Heburu?" he asked. "Can you please get a room, this isn't the love boat. This is the AF54 the most advanced airship in the United States of America." he said sternly staring at Joe. Joe had a confused look on his face, "So what does that mean?" he asked, Heburu almost yelled, " It means, take her and go in one of the cabins in you want to make out on this ship." Joe instantly understood and scoped Cathy up into his arms and carried her into a cabin and laid back down. She opened her eyes to see Joe holding her close. She blushed slightly as she leaned closer to his face and kissed his cheek and laid her head on his chest.

Two hours later they arrived in Phoenix Arizona, they all kept up with Heburu as they followed him to a bar called The Phoenix Tail, the sign read with a feather on the sign. Walked in to see a woman sitting at the bar with long brown hair taking a drink at the bar. Joe walked over and sat next to her and said, "Excuse me miss but I need you to come with us." he said pointing at the others, of course she didn't know who the hell they were so she just followed them out of The Phoenix Tail. Heburu faced the woman and said, "Come with us miss." as he turned around and she followed him to the AF54 and walked in. Heburu faced her once again, and asked her, "Can you please tell me your name." "I'm not in trouble with the law am I?" she asked. "No, we're against the law, and we just want to know your name." he said, "My name is Hazel and why did you need me to come with you guys?" Heburu told her all about the ceremony and the elemental spirits.

Chapter four: A question and a confession

When they boarded the ship once again Joe and Cathy went to one of the cabins, "Okay Cathy tell me, are you flirting with me?" Joe asked her staring at her with his light blue eyes, "I...I really don't know. I guess it's because that you give me a good comforting feeling, I can't think of any other reason." Joe was silent, "Why didn't you say that earlier?" he asked, "You didn't ask." she replied. Joe just stood their feeling like a complete moron as he hugged Cathy close to him. Heburu walked in, "I see that it's happening again just like last time." he said as Joe turned around to face Heburu, "What are you talking about?" asked Joe. "Heh, last time when I was in the ceremony six of the others fell in love with each other. That's why it's so funny, it happens once and it happens again." Heburu replied in a voice that sounded like he was about to burst out laughing. "Can you leave us alone for awhile." Joe said in a almost annoyed voice, "Fine we won't be landing in Sacramento until about five hours. So go ahead, do whatever the hell you want." Heburu said as he left the cabin to go back to the cockpit.

Chapter five: Jimmy new spirit of water

Jimmy walked down the streets of Sacramento only to smell something that made him run towards a lonely area of land with nobody there, he heard the sound of engines but nothing was there.

The AF54's cloaking device was then turned off, revealing the red and black jet in its true form. Heburu and the others stepped out of the ship and walked down the platform to see Jimmy with his light blue hair and eyes staring at the ship that had landed in front of him. No sooner had they landed Heburu ran towards Jimmy and said, "Are you all right, we didn't hit you did we?" Heburu said, even though it was obvious that they hadn't. "I'm fine and who are you?" Jimmy asked a little startled, "Forgive me but I'm Heburu, that's Jim, Tom, Nancy, Joe, Cathy, and Hazel. We are all elemental spirits and we are here to find you so that you can join us for a ceremony that is held every two hundred years were all of the elemental spirits join together and clean the Earth of it's sins." Heburu said, but before he could finish there was a gunshot. "Freeze, right there. Traitors, you are all traitors of the United States government." "What the hell's going on here!" Jimmy yelled, "They are all traitors to the government. About three months ago those two stole one of our prototype AF54's from one of our air bases." one of the men said pointing at Tom and Heburu. "Put your hands on your head and step away from the vehicle." another one said pointing his gun at them. Heburu just stood there with an amused look on his face, raising his hand showing off his demon claws, and he said in a demonic voice, "You obviously don't know whom you are dealing with." Heburu charged ready to attack, but Joe stopped him. "Heburu, leave them to me, you get the others on the ship and get out of here, and if I don't come out of here alive, please take care of Cathy for me" Joe said as his wind sword appeared around his right hand. Jimmy stepped next to him with his water sword around his left hand in a fighting position, "You're not alone kid." "I'm not a kid, I'm Joe." Joe said back as Cathy and the others stepped up and had there Element swords around there either left or right hand except Heburu who had his claws drawn. "Looks like we'll need back up." the leader said as he spoke into a radio, no sooner had he spoken into the radio over fifteen S.W.A.T trucks had shown up and unloaded. They all had their weapons pointed at them and the leader yelled, "FIRE!" there was a hailstorm of bullets as Heburu and the others braced them selves to be hit by the bullets, they never hit them. When they opened their eyes Jimmy was in front of him was a giant shield made of water. There was continuing fire until they all stopped to reload, the shield fell and they charged at them. Heburu slashing anyone who got in his way with his claws, "Wind slash!" Joe yelled as a blade came out of his wind sword and sliced a pack of S.W.A.T officers in half. "Lightning strike!" Tom yelled as he pointed his lightning sword at an officer as it ran through him and fifteen others. "Fire wave!" Nancy said as she swirled around in a circle setting some of them on fire as they ran screaming in pain until they all fell from the intense heat of the fire. "Burning light!" Jim screamed out as he pointed his sword at five men as their heads came falling off of their shoulders. Hazel was using her sword to make opening in the ground to summon rocks from under the ground and crush the officers. Cathy finished off the last of them by forming a dark bubble around them and raising them high into the air about five hundred feet and dropped them. "Well, that was one hell of a work out." Joe said as his wind sword vanished from his right hand, Heburu was gripping his left shoulder, which was covered with blood, and so were his hands from all the officers he slaughtered. "Heburu don't do that, you need to get a bandage on that thing and don't touch it with any of your hands. Especially with all that different blood on your hands." Cathy said as she tried to wrap a bandage but Heburu held out his hand if front of her to stop her. Heburu walked into the AF54 and came out a few minutes later, his hands were clean and his shoulder wasn't bleeding. "What happened to the bullet in your shoulder?" Jimmy asked. "Oh that thing, it's right here." Heburu said as he pulled out a flat bullet round from his pocket, "What did you do?" asked Nancy looking at the bullet. "I'm a demon, I can heal faster than any human, plus if I didn't take it out it would be stuck there so I just pulled it out." Heburu said as he dropped it to the ground. When they boarded the AF54 there was a loud crash, "What's going on!?" Joe yelled as he caught Cathy before she fell from the shock of the blast. "It seems that our little government friends have friends in high places. We need to get the hell outta here." Jimmy said as he closed the hatch of the ship. Another ship was in view, on the side it said AN75, "We need to get out of here go, c'mon!" Joe yelled as he looked out the window as Heburu and Tom began to lift off of the ground still being shot by the other ship. Heburu yelled from the cockpit, "Joe, Jimmy follow this hallway to the very end of the ship. You'll see a fork in the hall one of you go to the right and the other go to the left. In there should be a seat with a targeter in front of it. Push the red button and a hatch will open and the seat will move and position you with a machine gun. Take the two sticks on the arms of the chairs to aim and fire the guns until the ship is destroyed." Heburu said as Jimmy and Joe ran down the hall and found the rooms Heburu was talking about. They sat down and targeted the ship. They began to fire at the ship, until it fell and burned.

Chapter six: The aftermath

Jimmy and Joe walked down the hall until they came to the main room to see Cathy waiting for them. Cathy ran up to Joe and wrapped her arms around his neck and said to him, "Why did you do that? You scared me half to death. Don't you ever do that again." Joe wrapped his hands around Cathy's waist and kissed her gently. He released her from his grip as they walked into a cabin and fell asleep in each other's arms.

Jimmy headed for the cockpit to talk to Heburu, "Listen Heburu, I need to talk to you in private." Jimmy said in a stern voice. Heburu nodded and told Tom to keep the course. Heburu and Jimmy walked out into the main room. "What is it?" Heburu asked, "Now that I know you're against the U.S. government, count me in whatever you're doing. I need my revenge." "What for?" Heburu asked. "The second Vietnam war killed my father, my father was very sick when one day some government military agents came to our door and told him they need him. He agreed to go without hesitation, before he left he gave me this dog tag he made for me at the base he worked at. Three weeks after he left more government military agents came and handed me his dog tag and one he said that my dad said to get made for me. They said that he was killed in battle, which made me even madder because he should have told them he was sick. But no, he agreed to go." Heburu was silent for a few moments before he turned around and walked back into the cockpit with Tom.

Chapter seven: The final spirit

Heburu and the others were headed for New Orleans, when they got there Heburu immediately began to sniff the air to get a scent of the final spirit they needed to find. It was hard for Heburu to find the new spirit. The air was filled with the aroma of the Cajun food that made New Orleans special. Heburu searched through the crowd until he came to a young woman around the age of 27. "Excuse us miss but we need you to come with us." "Who are you?" she asked Heburu. "Ma'am we're not here to hurt or kidnap you, we just need you to come with us so that we can tell you something." she nodded and followed them to the AF54. So what did you need to tell me...I didn't catch your name." she said t Heburu. "My name is Heburu, this is Joe, Jim ,Nancy, Cathy, Hazel, and Jimmy." Heburu replied introducing everyone to the new spirit. "My name's Janie, and who exactly are you guys?" she asked. "We are all spirits of the elements. There is fire, wind, lightning, water, ice, earth, light, and darkness. I forgot to mention that I'm not a spirit I'm just a dog demon. The reason that we were trying to find you because every two hundred years, all off the elemental spirits will join together for a ceremony." "What kind of ceremony?" asked Janie in a concerned voice "There's nothing to be concerned about. It's just to clean the Earth of its sins. That's it." Heburu said in a reassuring voice. "Okay, I just wanted to be sure." she said. "You do know how to use your powers don't you?" Heburu asked. "Of course I do." she said as a sword of ice began to swirl around her left hand. "Good, very good." Heburu said as he turned around and headed for the cockpit to check the monitor. "Everyone, the date, city, and time are set for the ceremony. It will take place in two weeks in New York.

Chapter eight: the missing

They arrived at New York, they all stayed at the same hotel, One night Heburu and the others went out. Joe and Cathy decided to stay at the hotel.

Cathy walked up and sat next to Joe. "So, what do you think the others are doing right now?" he asked her. Before she could answer there came a crash in the window, there were two men in black outfits like assassins. "Cathy get back!" Joe yelled as his wind sword formed around his right hand. "What do you want!?" Joe yelled ready to attack. They did nothing, Joe suddenly felt a heavy smack on the back of his head and knocked out.

Joe awoke three hours later to see Heburu, Jim, Tom, Nancy, Hazel, and Jimmy standing next to him. "What happened? Oh no! Cathy, where is she?" he said jolting up from his bed. Heburu tilted his head and said, "She was taken, and we don't know where she is." Joe was infuriated, "We have to find her!" Joe yelled as he jumped up from the bed he was in. "We don't know where she is." Heburu said. "We have to find her, she means everything to me. How can you know what I'm feeling right now?!" He yelled at Heburu. Heburu stared back at him, he stood silent for five minutes until his fist came up and punched Joe in the face making him fall. Joe got up and yelled, "What the hell's wrong with you, have you lost your mind?!" before he could get an answer Joe was punched in the face yet again by Heburu. But before he could get up Heburu said in an angered voice, "Don't you ever say anything like that to me again, because I do, I was married over 600 years ago. She was so beautiful to me even if she was a human." Joe got up and said, "If you know what I'm feeling then why aren't you helping me?"

"Why are you doing this to me?!" Cathy yelled. She was chained up, a dark figure was facing her. He stepped up and slapped her across the face, "Shut up. You're in no mood to talk." he said as he stepped out of the dark and revealed a man with brown hair and black eyes. "Who are you?" she asked. "That's not important my dear, the more important thing is that you're little boyfriend is not coming for you any time soon. That blow my men gave him to the back of the head should have killed him on impact." he said in a sadistic voice, "You bastard, why did you do that to him?!" she yelled. Before he could answer there was a loud crash from the sidewall, Joe was there with his wind sword drawn. "How did you survive that should have killed you." he said, Joe stepped forward giving the man a death glare ready to kill him. "Let Cathy go now!" he demanded. All the man did was smirk an evil smirk. "If you want her back, you'll have to kill me first." he said. Before Joe could attack the man, his hand started glowing brown. Soon Hazel's sword of earth was surrounding his right hand. "What the hell are you?" asked Joe

Meanwhile, back with Heburu and the others. Hazel fell to the ground, gripping her stomach in pain. "What's happening?" she asked as her hair turned black and her eyes turned a deep shade of green. "She's losing her powers, but how?" Heburu pondered that thought for a moment. But he did not come to a conclusion.

Joe was staring at the man, his hair turned brown. "What are you?" he asked. "Fool you think that you can defeat me? I am the ruler of the spirits." he said in a triumphant voice raising his sword. "How did you get Hazel's power?" asked Joe. "I told you that I am the supreme ruler of the spirits." all Joe did was attack, but he was too emotionally stressed to concentrate. He was soon beat down and gripping his arm as his wind sword disappeared. Hazel stood up to Heburu and the others surrounding her, "What happened?" she asked.

Chapter nine: The ruler of the spirits

"I am Yeager, ruler of the spirits. I have powers that you can't even begin to imagine." he said as he was about to deal the final blow to Joe, but when it came down it didn't kill Joe, no instead, Yeager split in half down the middle. All Joe did was smirk as he stood up, "I learned a new trick to, concentrating all of my power into one powerful attack. You are no ruler of the spirits." he said as untied Cathy and left the building hand in hand.

Moments after Joe killed Yeager Hazel regained her powers. "What was up with that?" she asked them as she re-gained her strength. No sooner had Hazel gotten up Joe and Cathy walked in. "Where were you guys?" asked Heburu. "Saving Cathy, what else." Joe said. "Anyway, we need to get some sleep, it's getting late."

Chapter ten: The ceremony

Two weeks later, the day of the ceremony, "Is everyone ready, now, stand in a circle, it will begin soon." Heburu said, soon there was a blinding bright light. Soon it was over, everyone was on the ground, drained of their energy. "Now I've got to wait another 200 years. Oh boy." he said in an exhausted voice.

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