Authors Note- Song verses are marked with +X+. I don't own the used and I have no idea how original this story is.

+X+ I must abuse myself I'm against all that I've made up Set in stone the sun will come And I hate light You know I hate light To me it looks so pretty burning +X+

I woke up to my alarm blaring. I hated mornings, more than anything. I stumbled to my feet as the memories from last night flooded back all to fast. I squinted my eyes trying to fight off the head-ach that I knew was about to come from many previous mornings. I carefully made my way to the bathroom dodging everything that was scattered across my floor. The bathroom was so white…suddenly I fell to my knees, I couldn't take this anymore.

+X+ Burn the sun Burn the light Take take take take take take it away Take my hand Take my life Take take take take take take it away +X+

I clutched my knees and curled into a ball on the cold hard floor. I held the tears back knowing as long as I didn't cry, I could lie to myself. I could pretend that this wasn't me.

+X+ I can't stop bitching over thoughts of tarnished hope kinda funny lonely feeling I'm not in love You know it's not love To me it looks so pretty burning +X+

I pushed myself off the ground. What the hell was I doing. I silently laughed at myself for being so dramatic; acting like my life was over, acting like you were my life. I began shaking my head to myself, its finally happened.. I've gone crazy. Well, at least that was something I knew how to fix. I glanced at the sink counter and the blade that was resting on it. I Hastily picked it up, anxious for what I was about to do.

+X+ Take my hand Take my life Take my heart take my mind Take my life take my life +X+

Shakily I got into the shower, I was definitely going to be late to school today.