Fionah Fae and the Spring Equinox

The sun was warm as it pooled over our curious faery, Fionah Fae. The smell of fresh spring flowers, covered with morning dew woke the young girl. Fionah Fae sat up in her small, faery sized bed, and looked out her window. Outside was an explosion of colour! Everything was bright; the green grass, the pink and white clover, and the many-coloured flowers.

Well, Fionah had done her work last week, so she knew today was the Spring Equinox, and the first day of spring. She also knew that to learn more about this holiday she would have to find the Goddess Eostre. The young faery packed a lunch of juice, sandwiches and cookies. Finally she left her small faery house and set off to find the Goddess.

Fionah Fae skipped across the field, taking her time to smell all the flowers. She leapt into the air with the grasshoppers, and giggled. The sun was shining brightly in the sky when the faery splashed her way across a small creek.

Small birds flew by Fionah, brushing and tickling her with their feathers. The early morning quickly turned into the early afternoon, when Fionah Fae finally reached the top of the tallest hill. On the other side was a beautiful valley, filled with spring flowers in every colour of the rainbow.

The sound of a stream caught the young faeries attention, and when she looked she saw a beautiful young woman with golden hair, and a long green dress waiting at the stream. Fionah Fae smiled and walked straight towards the Goddess, for She could only be that!

As Fionah came closer the Goddess smiled. "Hello Fionah. I'm Eostre, the Goddess of Spring."

Fionah smiled back. "Hi Eostre, I was wondering if I could celebrate the Spring Equinox with you."

"Of course you can! But first you need to learn all about today."

Fionah sat down at Eostre's feet and listened carefully, eager to learn. Smiling, Eostre started to tell Fionah about the first day of spring. "At Imbolc we saw that the Earth was coming out from under Her blanket of snow. Today, the promise of spring is fulfilled. The babies born at Imbolc are nearly fully mature, and the blanket of winter has melted to give birth to the flowers you see."

Fionah thought about that for a minute and nodded, It made sense to her, and she did remember the Goddess Bridgit promising the return of spring, and of the sun, and light. "Okay," said the young faery, still nodding.

"Spring is the fresh started the year, and full of possibilities. People, and animals fall in love. To symbolize this, we decorate eggs. Because of all the possibilities open to us, we paint things we want to have happen to us in the year, or things we want others to have. So now that you have learned all of this, would you like to celebrate with me?"

Fionah Fae bounded to her feet and grinned. "Yes please, Eostre!" Eostre laughed and led the faery to a small table she had not seen earlier. The table had a white tablecloth, painted with small flowers. There was a basket of eggs, and a jar of paintbrushes. There were jars of paints in every colour imaginable.

"What we are going to do first is decorate these eggs; one for you, one for the Earth, and some for your friends and family." Eostre and Fionah sat down at the table and had fun decorating the eggs.

When they finished painting their eggs the two, faery and Goddess, took their eggs, and the picnic lunch packed by Fionah and found a large tree. There they dug two large holes. Fionah held out her egg and spoke. "I decorated this egg with a heart, because I want the Earth to be loved by everyone." Fionah Fae placed the egg in the hole she had dug and turned to look at Eostre.

Eostre held out her own egg, and smiled at the young faery. "I chose to decorate this egg with a sun and plants because I wish for the Earth to grow and prosper." Eostre placed the egg within the hole and smiled. "Now, lets eat that lunch you brought!"

They feasted on the lunch packed by the young faery. Fionah made sure to leave some cookies and juice. When they had finished eating, Fionah brought what was left to the tree where the eggs were. "Please accept this offering Earth," she said as she placed the cookies and juice in the holes, and piled fresh dirt on top.

She turned to look at Eostre, and smiled. "Thank you for celebrating with me, and for teaching me about the Spring Equinox, Eostre!"

Eostre smiled at the young faery. "You're welcome, Fionah. Don't forget to take your eggs home and give them to your friends and family."

Fionah Fae picked up the basket of decorated eggs and skipped home, singing happily about her day.

***The End.***