Welcome to a New Year, My Friend
All Hallows Eve
The night at the end of October
When we can call to spirits
Love and live
To our fullest.
The Celtic New Year
A time to refill
And restart
To begin something new
And to call ones lost
To speak to them.
The time when the curtain is thinnest.
All Hallows Eve:
A time to call loved ones lost
To celebrate the dead
Talk to your loved
This is more used by Christians
Some say it's evil
Some just have fun
A Time to go trick-or-treating
And dress up
No matter what you choose,
Samhain, All Hallows Eve, or Halloween
They're all a new year
A time of rebirth
And restarting.
You can walk through the curtain
Go speak to your loved
Restart and Rebirth
Or just have fun.
Welcome To A New Year, My Friend.