A Night Call From A Dead Love (As A New Love Blossums)

Sunday night I recieved your call
Not expecting to get hurt
It was raining hard in the background
Your voice was so dry you could turn it to a desert

"We can't do this anymore..
I'm sorry, but you know we won't last"
You said with no emotion attatched
As I just fell into a deep sorrow fast

It's been almost a year
And I finally started to listen to you
All those nights ago
When you broke me in two

I remember so well
The way the reciever fell gracefully
Everything in slow motion
As the world crumbled under me

I did what you told me to
I moved on like you said
Found someone else better
Because you told me our love was dead

Everytime I'm with him though
I have the urge to say your name
Because I didn't really move on
He is really just the same.

Nothing is wrong with that I suppose
For you after the same way
Women after women all simlilar to me
Yet I am the one admitting what you couldn't convey

I wish everynight for your return
But after each passing day
I fall more in love with a new man
And now before bed at night I just wish you away.

I used him at first to get back at you
But somewhere in the web of revenge I got caught
And I fell for him and it hit me like concrete
By the end of the day, you were forgot.

Part of me will always love you
But I want to thank you for killing me that night
Dead love should rest in peace
Because I couldn't go on with you, you were right