And You Said I Was Beautiful

Somewhere between holding your hand
and laying beneathe your sheets..
You held me and said I was beautiful.

I can't think of it now.
Because everything I've grown into
Has been stripped away from me

All those late nights we spent together
Every secret we let slip from out lips
All of the stolen kisses we shared

We got too greedy

There was a need for more
A sence of possession we had for each other
Some sort of paranoia
That we would escape each other's grasp

It seems like a forced effort to be together
Like we feel we much suffocate each other
Just to become closer

We were so beautiful before all this
Before all this chaos that controls our every movement
We were in love

Now I question our intentions
We are supposed to be together forever
You are supposed to be mine

I became stingy

Was it you who told me I belonged to you?
Was it you who took me as a possession?
Why yes, yes it was..

It was you who drove me to become this
You were already selfish
But you always made me forget

Yes, you were talented love
But I won't be fooled by your lies
Your whispers, "You're so beautiful darling.."

Well I'm not naive anymore
And I hope you get everything you ever wanted to possess
Because it won't be I

I was foolish and fell in love with an imposter
I hope you find what you're looking for
Someone who really is beautiful

Because you made me so ugly... darling.