Authors Note: this [ +X+ ] marks the beginning and end of a verse from a song.

I don't own senses fail


I stepped out my window onto the roof as the sun started to rise. Every morning I come out here, sometimes I'll just sit out here all night. It's amazing to watch the stars and moon slowly transform and suddenly become day. You can watch it change very slowly, then you blink and its finished. You expect it, but your never quite ready. I always sit here in a dazed like state, not asleep…but not awake. The way I spent most of my time. The stillness in the air was perfect. So crisp and pure, unlike anything else.

+X+ It's so nice sitting very still

In a room where no one else can feel

the pain that breaks my heart each day

I'm not ok +X+

I never let anyone in…except him. I made him my life, my obsession, and he ruined me. At first it hurt so bad. Now, I'm just numb. Numb to it, numb to him, numb to the world, I've shut down.

+X+ Sunlight shining through my window

let's me know that I'm still alive

Why did I ever let you inside my heart

I'm such a fool

Paint my face in shades of blood and gray

and take a seat right next to me

Well I should've known that you were a killer

But now I'm dead +X+

I should have expected this. I've seen so many people get hurt, I've been hurt so many times. I thought I finally learned to protect myself….then Quinn came along.

+X+ A gaping hole

shot through my heart

A lost connection from your poison dart

Shot from your tongue to end my life

You're blowing at the fire to light your strife +X+

I hope he at least has to deal with a fraction of the hurt I feel.