Early Morning

Early morning I wake up
My sorrows refuse to drown in my cup
In my room to much clutter
To the kitchen for some toast and butter
A beautiful day wasted in sadness
The kitchen is full of madness
So I go outside to be alone
As I begin to roam
I see all of Earths creatures
All of Earths students and teachers
Everything is awake and starting their day
It all began the moment they saw the suns ray
Busy bees and little bugs start their work
I am really going to go berserk
I need calmness and peace
Everything and everyone to cease

No more activity
Please humor me
I just want to sit and wallow
I take a gulp and swallow
But they won't let me sit and regret
I get sucked in and forget
I'm depressed aren't I?
Deep breath let it all out with a sigh
Oh well onward to tomorrow
Another day filled with sorrow
MEW...7/30/04...revised 11/01/04